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What is Good Stress?!

10 Nov 2019 •
Milen Ivanov
For some time now I am considering trying the so called Activation Therapy devised by the Russian scientist Garkavi and her collaborators.

coMra therapy: The Universal Treatments (part 3/3)

30 Oct 2019 •
Nevena Vladimirova
Universal Treatment 3 – Blood This treatment was created to increase general well-being and to support the body in healing inflammation, anaemia, overall weakness or chronic fatigue.

coMra therapy: The Universal Treatments (part 2/3)

30 Oct 2019 •
Nevena Vladimirova
Using the Different Frequencies To date, coMra therapy devices have four selectable levels of near infrared laser frequency, according to the depth of penetration required:


8 Sep 2019 •
Panagiota Kontoléon
Even though contemporary medical literature has largely overlooked the curative a

A case of H1N1 influenza

4 Sep 2019 •
After New Year of 2014, in my country, Greece, there was an outburst of the H1N1 Influenza, also known as the "swine flu".

Third Tonsil is not Redundant

3 Sep 2019 •
Milen Ivanov
coMra Therapy helped a girl keep her third tonsil.

Choosing a Diet

23 Jul 2019 •
Milen Ivanov
Recent changes in my diet.

"Vegetarian burger", "Non-alcoholic beer" and our health.

16 Jul 2019 •
Dalibor Kuběna
I always wonder when I see somewhere promotion for burger without meat or an alcohol-free beer. If I decided to be a vegetarian, why do I need to create the illusion that I can enjoy typical meat dishes without eating meat.

"Your faith will heal you" or Let us trust the innate intelligence of our body

11 Jul 2019 •
Dalibor Kuběna
Once upon a time, an egg with a sperm has met and a new life has emerged. Nine months will take the prenatal period, the growth and development of a human being in the mother's body. This is followed by approximately 15-18 years of growth and change before development stops.