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Relationships III ISM Course

14 Feb 2020 •
Milen Ivanov

I am thrilled to announce ISM Course Relationships III which will take place June 11-14, 2020, in Varna, Bulgaria!

How coMra could help athletes prolong their active career.

13 Feb 2020 •
Michail Tsvetanov

A friend recently inquired about experiences in using coMra to stay in shape for his football games, which led me to summarising my own discoveries in working with coMra to stay active and achieve better results on the pitch.

What is Good Stress?!

10 Nov 2019 •
Milen Ivanov

For some time now I am considering trying the so called Activation Therapy devised by the Russian scientist Garkavi and her collaborators.

coMra therapy: The Universal Treatments (part 3/3)

30 Oct 2019 •
Nevena Vladimirova

Universal Treatment 3 – Blood

This treatment was created to increase general well-being and to support the body in healing inflammation, anaemia, overall weakness or chronic fatigue.

coMra therapy: The Universal Treatments (part 2/3)

30 Oct 2019 •
Nevena Vladimirova

Using the Different Frequencies

To date, coMra therapy devices have four selectable levels of near infrared laser frequency, according to the depth of penetration required:


8 Sep 2019 •
Panagiota Kontoléon

Even though contemporary medical literature has largely overlooked the curative a

A case of H1N1 influenza

4 Sep 2019 •

After New Year of 2014, in my country, Greece, there was an outburst of the H1N1 Influenza, also known as the "swine flu".

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