Hmy Way: Measurements

Milen Ivanov • 10 February 2021


This article is devoted to presenting the parameters of the body I have been measuring. They are in two categories: blood parameters, and InBody scans. I will give links to the total data and I will explain some of the main lines.

Blood tests.

Here is the big table (or, rather, link to it):

Blood Tests

The starting point is February 2017, because since that date I started using one and the same laboratory, so the data is consistent. There is one inconsistency which is that before 2020 I would take my pill in the morning before the test. Then they suddenly told me I should not do it like this.

So, the main points to me are:

  1. Antibodies. These are considered the main indicators of the autoimmune process. The trend is excellent and TAT is stably normal, while MAT is much better than it was. Apparently, I have contained the autoimmune process to satisfaction.
      2/13/17 5/2/17 12/20/17 5/3/18 8/28/18 1/9/19 6/10/19 9/2/19 7/31/20 1/4/21
    anti Tg (TAT) 132.60 120 77.71 43.3 51.93 42.66 38.74 35.75 30.9 39.8
    anti TPO (MAT) 303.80 163 141.1 113 101 94.46 97.9 77.3 66.9 70.1
  2. Thyroid related hormones. It is good for my former endocrinologist that she does not have to look at my TSH. She has been wise enough to fire me for not listening to her, otherwise she could get distressed and damage her endocrinology! The reason my results are out of range is because I am persistently taking lower dose of Eutirox (now half of what had been prescribed to me) with the idea to force my thyroid to restore its function. Apparently my way is not working so well. For as long as only TSH was high, while FT's were in range, I did not care much, but after a relapse in 2018 I could not get FT's back on track and my last results are alarming even to me.
      02/13/17 05/02/17 07/12/17 12/20/17 05/03/18 08/28/18 10/01/18 10/08/18 01/09/19 01/25/19 06/10/19 09/02/19 11/11/19 01/09/20 07/31/20 01/04/21
    FT3 3.26 3.47 3.27 3.81 3.85 2.93 2.65 2.04 2.84 2.64 2.79 2.65 2.99 2.26 2.02 1.71
    FT4 12.91 14.2 14.58 15.01 16.1 8.96 10.53 12.81 9.08 10.52 10.74 11.8 10.6 10.5 9.72 6.3
    TSH 22.13 23.58 23.94 15 10.9 48.51 46.4 46.48 50.47 62.31 34.99 27.7 41.2 30.3 49.6 94.6
  3. Triglyceride. Historically this was the first parameter which was way without range back in 2007. It was discovered by accident at annual examination I was sent by my then employers. I did not want the pills prescribed and I hoped it will pass. I was healthy as a horse anyway, but this parameter would not lower. I am very proud that for many years it is almost normal. However, there is something to figure out in this history related to my current disease.
  4. Liver parameters. Namely, AST, ALT, GGT. These were way off. I had almost normalised them with coMra (except GGT) just before my Hashimoto healing crisis. I was very proud and I even presented a coMra case and a month later dumped in hospital. Dumped for my hubris perhaps!
  5. Cholesterol. No one has died from cholesterol which can not be said about the statines, but my persistently high cholesterol indicates constant stress which is not good for the thyroid.
  6. Lymphocytes. These often are at higher edge of the standard range indicating possible slight infection, which is to be expected for autoimmune.
  7. Iron. I'm getting anemia from time to time, which for some reason I find particularly embarrassing. A friend with medical education told me to drink a lot of Vitamin C which would clear it up. It does. My hemoglobin also falls in this category.
  8. Vitamin D.This same friend advised me to drink a lot of Vitamin D and I do. I might have to measure it next time perhaps. I don't because the test is too expensive.
  9. EBV VCA IgG. This I tested following the advise of the same friend. I did not know what it is about. Now from what I read Wentz' book I could pay it more attention.

InBody Scans.

In 2019 a friend introduced me to a healthy lifestyle called Bright Line Eating and I started losing weight. She also suggested measuring my body with InBody technology.

Here is the link to some of the results.

InBody Scan Results

As can be seen, my body is in very good shape. What is interesting is the fast rate of metabolism measured. With hypothyroidism this just makes no sense, but it might be one of the reasons why I am coping so well with Hashimoto. It could also be a testimony to the effectiveness of coMra Therapy.

* Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay