Hmy Way: Herbs

Milen Ivanov • 23 February 2021

Unlike pills I've always had very warm feeling towards herbs and I do enjoy preparing and taking them. And I have had tremendous benefits from doing so.

In Bulgaria we are blessed with great abundance of superb herbs and we also have very good culture with respect to herbal healing. It took me some time to find the best pharmacy, but after I did, I have no complaints for several years now; in fact they have always been excellent. Currently it is located at Pop Bogomil street in Sofia.

In preparing the herbs I follow the recipes as given in Health & Holism book.

I am not at all pedantic in terms of fresh versus dried plants and the corresponding parts of the plants. I just use whatever is available. At the above pharmacy most ingredients I need are available.

What I regularly use is:

Tea for Glands

This is the title of the tea in the corresponding chapter of the book. I add to the teaspoon of the mixture one teaspoon of bedstraw, which is especially good for the thyroid gland, and one teaspoon of mistletoe, because this is recommended in conjunction with the tea for glands. I mix them, so I have to drink only one cup a day. It is not very tasty, but it has great impact!

Heart Tonic

This is really great tincture and I recommend it to anyone having cardio problems. Strictly speaking, I no longer have much of cardio symptoms, but it is recommended I take this tincture as a prevention, which I do not always do.

It is fun to prepare and - when well prepared - it tastes great!

Siberian Ginseng

This is a truly great stimulator that I borrowed from Garkavi's work. Since I did not find preparation instructions there, I did the tincture as recommended by the pharmacy and it works great.

Swedish Bitter or Jägermeister

I take ready-made Swedish Bitter, because so far I have been too lazy to make my own, or Jägermeister, regularly during the flu season and it works great as a prevention. I have not had a flu for several years.


Because I must be gentle to my liver, I am having only one cup of my favourite black tea a day. Therefore, I drink a lot of herbal teas for fun and not for medical purposes. These contain many mixtures that I buy packed, but I also have my own mint and thyme and also I very much enjoy the typical Bulgarian Mursala tea that I buy from the pharmacy.

* Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay