coMra Academy

coMra Academy

Welcome to coMra Academy!

This section of coMra Life Platform is dedicated to providing all necessary resources to learn:

- How, Why and What is coMra therapy

- How to use coMra in your daily life or professional practice

- How to achieve desired results with coMra therapy and other available knowledge

coMra Courses

coMra courses provide a very intensive learning, both for those willing to excel in coMra therapy, as well as those who want to have the tools needed for their own healing process.

coMra Books

coMra books may vary in range and coverage, from offering a condensed look into a particular coMra therapy topic to giving a broad and deep look into nature of healing itself, or even providing tools for other areas of life that are broadly related with coMra therapy.

Video cases

Milen Ivanov • 2 December 2020

Leslie Carmen presents a thrilling case of Trigeminal Neuralgia relief.


How to heal and stay healthy

How to heal and stay healthy

We see a huge need for understanding our own health — how to heal and stay healthy. Not only in terms of the tools one can apply. But also in terms of what is the dis-ease, how it appears, what are the underlying causes and how to stay healthy.