Hmy Way: Pills

Milen Ivanov • 17 February 2021

First, I want to stress out that what I am doing is experimental, so what follows is just an account of what I have been trying: no conclusions much less recommendations!

Next, to give some context: in [1] it is stated that each healing plan must start with a clear aim, choosing that aim to fall in only one of the following categories:

  • Complete healing of the disease;
  • Palliative, meaning control of the symptoms.

My aim has always been complete healing and this includes eventually weaning myself off medications, most importantly off the artificial hormone (Eutirox).

Needless to say, having complete healing as an aim does not exclude palliative measures along the way.


I know that Euthirox is actually a trade mark and the substance is levothyroxine sodium, but it is shorter to write.

So, I've been prescribed 150 mcg Eutirox per day. Over the period of roughly two years I reduced it to 75 mcg per day. Form 150 to 125 and from 125 to 100 I did gradual reduction. At first I would take two days 150 and one day 125, then alternating 150 and 125, then one day 150, two days 125 and finally only 125. from 100 to 75 I jumped straight. The periods of adjustment - about one month each - were all highly unpleasant.

Since the beginning of 2018 I was not able to progress in reducing the dose.

The most notable try was a clever scheme I borrowed from Garkavi. Its main aim is to pick up the thyroid by feeding the body unpredictable amount of artificial hormone, so the thyroid has to be alert and not fall lazy. It works like this: on waking up I would toss a coin several times and depending on the result I would take 25, 50, 75 or 100 mcg. The scheme is so calculated that the average quantity is close to the dose: 75. It can also be used to reduce the doze smoothly. For example, I would lower the average to 70. This scheme did not work and I abandoned it, but it has potential and I may use it again in the future.

What I also changed about a year ago is the time of Eutirox intake. I had a psychological problem with taking it first thing in the morning, for it invariably gave me negative thoughts that I am stuck to it etc. In contrast, in the evening I am far more stable emotionally. Note that there is no consensus among endocrinologists as to when Eutirox should be taken - they only agree it should be taken well after and before eating.


Following mostly (and partially!) the advice of a friend of mine with medical education, I am taking more or less regularly (I am doing pauses from time to time):

  • Vitamin C, high dose, preferably ampules,
  • Vitamin D, high dose,
  • Magnesium, medium dose,
  • Selenium,
  • Zinc,
  • B Vitamins (only recently).

I do not consider the actual doses very important, so I adapt to whatever is available in the pharmacy at compatible price.

One thing I should do is to source these supplements at better price, say from Serbia.


During the first months after I was diagnosed, and because my body was a mess, I was taking many pills some of which very dangerous like statines. I am grateful to Dr Zlatev who supported my opinion against the opinion of my endocrinologists and I binned them all in a short amount of time.


  1. Djwal Khul, Esoteric Healing.

(Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay)