Hmy Way: Physical Yoga

Milen Ivanov • 13 March 2021
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According to [1] physical yoga is any organised physical exercise. So, I will describe what I've been doing to help my body be in good shape.

Hot Yoga

I am grateful to a very special friend of mine for introducing me to this system, based on traditional healing yoga. I have found it very beneficial for Hashimoto. It requires solid commitment and in the beginning - before I put off some weight - it was simply beyond my capabilities. But now it is the main workout I am doing.

I am doing 3 times a week about 70 minutes per class online. If I manage to book, I also do one class in a real studio. But booking is currently problematic due to covid restrictions.

What is good about a real hot studio is that the heat contributes to reviving the glands, plus - of course - the detox effect.

I first tried couple of classes in a studio in Sofia back in 2018 that unfortunately could not keep up. I noticed how well I feel couple of days after the class, but also at the time the load was simply too much. I was lying on my back catching my breath for 30% of the class.

Then next year I had several classes in a studio in Varna when visiting friends there. A year ago, when the lockdowns started this studio started to offer online classes and I joined. I am grateful to Francesca for guiding me on the postures as much as she could. This is not easy online. For example, at the title picture - taken in Varna this summer - I am not doing the camel right, because I am leaning on my heals whilst the force should be in the opposite direction. I did not know this at the time.

After a month they went 3d again, so I could not attend, but my special friend introduced me to a very famous studio in Thailand the on-lines of which I currently attend. I am grateful to Govert for continuously guiding me. In particular, it is thanks to him I now know where to I should push the camel.

Convict Conditioning

Before hot yoga my main exercise was following the book [2]. Right now I am bit lazy on it, because I do not really need more workout, but I plan to continue the journey!

In a nutshell it very much reminds me the physical training I got in the military boot camp long time ago, but it is a revolutionary book in the world of bodybuilding, because it introduces self-sufficient bodybuilding without fitness gadgets: just using the weight of the body and the natural movements of the muscles - coordinated, not isolated.

The system is very complementary to Hatha Yoga, because both use only the body, but while Hatha Yoga is static, this system is dynamic: push-ups, squads, etc all in repetitive sequences. Of course, much more stretching and relax in Hatha Yoga.

What makes this system particularly good for people with chronic diseases is that the first stage of the exercises is accessible even to very sick people. I could do some straight after the hospital! And, of course, they are meant to be done in a cage, so total self-sufficiency.

Deep Relaxation Exercise

This exercise can be found here and I think that everybody should be doing it once daily!

Seven Tibetan Rites

This is what I am learning at the moment. This exercise is very good for glands, because it is meant to spin faster the main electromagnetic vortexes.

Note that in the case of hypothyroidism when the metabolism is slower the chances are that the rate of rotation of electromagnetic vortexes will also be sluggish, so it makes sense to do Seven Tibetan Rites.

The source I am using is [3].


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