Hmy Way: coMra Therapy

Milen Ivanov • 2 May 2021

coMra Therapy is the single most important component in my healing program. I have no doubt it is the best available tool for regulating autoimmune diseases. However, I do not want to repeat what I have already written in [2].

I am doing the treatment as prescribed in [1] with only one amendment: in the morning I do 2 minutes at 50 Hz at each side of the throat, after the Blood Irradiation.

This said, I would like to share in conclusion of this series what I have learned last year, 2020.

How long the pauses

For some reason, I have misread the instruction on how long the pauses in the treatments should be. Probably I remembered the instruction for some other treatment, but then in stuck in my head. So, I was doing pauses however long I felt like and one such pause of several months was a contributing factor to my relapse back in 2018.

The User Guide [1] is clear: pauses of 2 weeks. This is unpleasant, because the treatments are longish and I'd enjoy longer pauses, but from my experience I have come to understand that the 2 weeks are wisely set!

When the pauses

Here I have always tried to follow [1] and do pauses only when there is definite improvement in my condition. To measure the latter objectively, I use Garkavi charts, recently made widely available through this tool.

How to soothe the pauses

I've always had the following problem:

When I start the pause I experience all kind of unpleasant symptoms that last from 3 days to a week. The effect of this is that, first, I would refrain from making a pause if I am anticipating some important events requiring a top shape of me. But this is contrary to coMra philosophy, because in effect I am using coMra to pump myself up and at a long run I am becoming dependent on the device, while coMra promotes self-sufficiency. The second effect is that I tend to prolong the pauses, because having invested one week to overcome the unpleasant symptoms, I now feel it is not worth the effort if I would not enjoy a longer leisure period.

Last year, prompted by a friend, I started experimenting how to somehow soothe the drop effect when stopping the treatments. I knew from the start that an easy solution would be to do only part of the treatment and with coMra Palm instead of coMra Pro, but this is cheating, as this would not be a real pause.

So, the solution that I have mapped out and I am proud of is to do Meridian 1 from [1] during the first week of the pause.

It works, because Meridian 1 is very different type of treatment, so it does not jibe with the pause, and because the real problem causing the unpleasant symptoms seems to be the sudden disbalance: the body has enough energy, but it has become somewhat depended on the Hashimoto treatment for balancing. Meridian 1 does the balancing only and very nicely so.

On top, Meridian 1 is, of course, good for my hair!

  1. coMra User Guide
  2. Dealing with Hashimoto, Part 2 by M. Ivanov.