The Heritage of Man. Part 2.

Patrick Vincent Power • 2 June 2020

Social and Economic/Political Structure

This takes us to looking at our country’s social and economic/political structure.

When our country is now carrying the huge burden of debt, we must ask ourselves; what is this reflecting to each and every one of us and as a nation? Is colonialism being replaced by financialism? What do we in Ireland need to learn to change in our-selves? And by making these changes in our-selves, enable us to become free of calling forth those who now control our country through financial means?

Before the corona virus shutdown, Ireland had a debt of around €200 billion. i.e. is equivalent to €44,365.00 per head of population. Ireland are paying out €14 million every day in interest to finance the debt. The Irish people have paid €60 billion in interest on its national debt over the last 10 years. The CEO of the National Treasury Management Agency, Conor O'Kelly says Ireland has a "mountain of debt". He predicted last year "the chances of recession in Ireland are 100%".

This debt originated from the financial crisis of 2008. The state's budget deficit ballooned which resulted in borrowing money to pay for the same level of state services. The sorry state of the Irish banks at that time and then our government's decision to bail them out resulted in an international bailout.

Of course, the Irish banks were being provided the funds by the larger international banks who had their own agenda going on. The average person in Ireland had very little debt. The people who were left with the bill were not the ones who did the huge amount of borrowing. There was huge sums of money loaned out to developers through the banks. The international banks and the bond holders were all paid, and those that provided the bailout are getting a huge amount from us in interest payments and it looks like we will be paying them for many years to come unless our government decide to tackle it.

If ever there was a misuse of power, it happened at this time here in Ireland. And I believe there was no real accountability. The government did fall and some of them who walked away, were rewarded with big pensions. Now, it looks very much like it is going to be repeated.

The present crisis with this virus in all the countries is going to affect the economy of every nation. This is what Conor Kelly warned against. By not attending to the national debt, Ireland chances of going into recession again is 100%. We are now borrowing money again to cope with this outbreak of the corona virus. This time it "looks like" we have no choice. One begins to wonder who is running our country? Are our politicians getting their orders from outside? We can see here again, the female being ignored. Conor Kelly, a male in his own right, but female in relation to the government, and with a huge knowledge of finance, comes with advise and is not listened to.

The politicians seem to forget that they are the elected representatives of the citizens of Ireland. Do they take their relationship with the citizens for granted? The politicians and the civil servants have a responsibility to manage the finances and other services of our country. Why didn't they attend to the national debt? They are in the male polarity and the people expect them to lead our country to the best of their ability. Why then in Ireland, and in other countries, do we have so many protest votes resulting in coalition governments? Is it because the people (female in relation to its leaders) do not feel safe? I would suggest that this is the case.

There is going to be a huge cost to this shutdown. Because of the restrictions being imposed by the government, many businesses, especially small businesses will struggle to survive. I agree that we all need to take care and protect those that are vulnerable. However, is shutting down a healthy population the answer? Again, one wonders, who is giving the orders?

When a female like Professor Dolores Cahill, who has a huge amount of experience in this area of science, presents us with a possible solution, our government ignore her and many of the people shake their heads. They have not learned that the male and female need to co-operate. The female comes to the male (Government) with knowledge backed up by science. The male refuses to listen to what the female brings to him. She even tells him, that she, the female, will take responsibility and put her reputation on the line in her effort to prevent more deaths. He continues to ignore her. He will not even talk with her. I am showing you this example, because it shows clearly that when there is no co-operation between the male and the female, the energy is stuck. It cannot go anywhere. The energy in the relationship between male and female at any level is sexual in nature and unless we co-operate together to work with this energy, there can be no creativity, no moving forward. Everything is stagnant and impotent. No change. Shutdown continues. Peoples relationships everywhere are being affected in all sorts of ways and the national debt grows bigger.

WHAT do we do we do about it?

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. What we see outside we have it inside in some form. We need to bring what we are looking at back to ourselves and make it about ourselves. Asking myself questions like: Where am I being manipulated and controlled in my life by others or by my own rational mind, my own thoughts? Our own thoughts can control us and sabotage us. This is well known by many in eastern culture. These eastern practices are also in the west in the form of meditation and mindfulness. They help us to quieten the mind and be in the present moment. But this is not enough. We also need to learn to work with and understand our emotions. We do not want our thoughts or our emotions dictating what we do in life. The Toltec teachings provide us with the tools to work with and to understand our emotions. (1)

It is obvious to see what happened when the corona virus arrived. The media immediately saw the opportunity for a story and began doing what they always do, that is to sensationalise it. What happened then? People got frightened. Fear is an emotion and when we are afraid, we are easily controlled. Working to understand our emotions is really important. Then we will not be debilitated by the fear.

In finding these answers and teaching our children how to do it, we can begin to take back our power and learn to stand on our own two feet.

HOW did we call this forth?

Money is symbolic of crystallised power. The only true power there is, is the PRODUCT of PERCEPTION. It is the power we hold from the knowledge we have acquired through our experiences in life. We can only get this knowledge by changing our perception. There were many in the world who were and are recognised for their wisdom. They all knew this and did their best to let us know it. Therefore, when we as a country have debt like this, we need to start learning about ourselves and about life. We need to learn how to reclaim our power, our money. We NEED to urgently change our perception as an act of survival.

WHY did we call this forth?

To get us to see that we must all take responsibility as individuals for what has happened. Hold to account those who make the decisions on our behalf. Otherwise we will pass it on to our children and to their children and so on, until we learn NOT to allow others to take our power, i.e personal or crystallised power.

WHAT do we need to learn?

That as individuals we can evolve our awareness by acquiring new knowledge from our challenges in our daily life. This new knowledge will manifest as personal power. When we as a group evolve our awareness, the amount of knowledge the group acquires will be far, far greater than what any one individual can acquire. The accumulation of all this knowledge will give the citizens of Ireland more power than we ever had before. Once we as a nation hold that amount of power, the mirror that life reflects to us will also have to change in line with universal law.

There is no point in blaming anyone. We cannot afford to end up as the victims. We need to evolve our awareness as a nation. Change our perception. It is as simple as that. But it does take time and a LOT of effort and by doing it this way we will all win.

We also need to learn that conception and perception are very much related. There can be no conception without perception. If our perception of what we see in relation to corona virus, finance or anything is corrupted, we need to change our perception. If what we have all conceived, and believe it to be true, from whoever, be it the media, the financial institutions or from our government, then we need to look again and to reassess our perception and ask our-selves, "Is what I have conceived serving me?" "Do I need to abort these old beliefs that keep me in bondage and under the control of a power outside of my-self?

We need politicians in Ireland who will work together for the benefit of the people. Politicians who will work together to deal with the debt that is draining us of our power. This draining of our money will continue for as long as politicians choose to squabble with each other in their quest to have a little bit of power for themselves. At the same time the international bankers are filling their pockets with the interest we pay to finance a loan that should never have been ours.

And of course to remember that money is symbolic of crystallised power. When our crystallised power is been taken from us, we need to learn that our own personal power is also being taken from us. Personal power is the product of perception. Do we take from our challenges the knowledge we need? Or are we allowing others to control us, and have power over us by manipulating us in our gullibility?

By acquiring knowledge that is life-supportive, we are putting into the web of life more "light". The lighter the web of life becomes, the more difficult it is for others to control it. The web of life has become polluted and every speck of light will make a difference in clearing it of this destructive pollutant. We, as individuals, can make a difference. :)