The Heritage of Man. Part 3.

Patrick Vincent Power • 3 June 2020

The personal relationships among our fellow countrymen.

It is sad today to see how people are socially conditioned to conform. People are asleep walking around. Not aware that they have allowed their true freedom to be taken from them and refuse to even try to see past the face value of what is happening in their lives. The corona virus challenge is a result of this. We called it forth to wake us up. And there is no point in blaming anyone. We all need to take responsibility and to find the answer to "How did I call this forth?"

We all need to work to acquire the humility to see that life has a purpose and a process, or to recognise the inter-connectedness, the inter-dependence and the inter-action of all of life. On a deep level, if people would give themselves time to pause and feel what is going on within, in their heart, they would know soon enough that there is much more to life than what they see.

Some of the people who will step away from the accepted norm, or to step outside the circle, will hesitate or resist to take the next step forward. Their families and friends dis-approve of their actions and keep pulling them back into their way of thinking. Instead of being true to their-Selves and following what their hearts are telling them, they allow themselves to be controlled by their need for the approval of others, which, of course is part of our social conditioning.

I believe that the example below with regard to abortion is a very good example of social conditioning. It shows clearly how social conditioning has corrupted people. People, because of their social conditioning, do not accept that there is a purpose and a process to life. People want their life on their own terms. It is about their likes and their wants. What about the being that indwells our physical body? The real you? And the NEEDS of that being? This being is providing the life force that allows us to experience life on Earth. All of the challenges that we dream into our life, including having relationships, impregnating or becoming pregnant are lessons that we need to assist us in our evolution. We must not continue to allow the opportunities to grow our awareness just slip through our hands!

No wonder people are so afraid of death. Or would I be more correct to say, "Afraid of life"? Death is a part of life and the process of death is always challenging me. How can we see the process to life unless we allow our present view of the world to die? If I have not been properly educated and provided with the tools to assist me in fulfilling my purpose in life, how can I face my challenges with any confidence or belief? On a deep level everyone of us knows, why we are here. But we all need to be consciously aware of the purpose of being here. I believe we have a certain amount of time here and then we go home. The Toltec teachings are humanities heritage. (1) We all need to seek them out and start learning to use the tools that are available to us to support us on our journey upon the physical plane.

Let us use the recent abortion referendum as a good example of personal relationships in Ireland.

There have always been problems with sex. Suppression, secrecy and cover ups have showed up in many areas of life. Often resulting in shame and misery rather than joy and fulfilment. Today, there are big changes with regard to the attitude towards sexual intercourse and now with abortions available, one wonders is respect for life and for our-selves going out the window? I have heard young men boasting about bedding a young woman after they have just met at a disco. They think it is part of being male. This seemingly is the mindset that many young men have adopted and some young women are happy to allow this behaviour. This behaviour or mindset has nothing got to do with what male and female awareness is about.

Where are the ladies at with all this! Have these young women lost respect for themselves or do they believe that they must co-operate with the demands of the men, or should I say the boys playing at being men? Will abortion solve an unplanned conception that resulted from the relationship? It seems to be a two way mess that needs to be respected, looked at again by all. There is a bigger picture, and abortion and contraception are the results coming from not seeing the true purpose of life and the importance of sex, i.e the interaction of the male and female in every aspect of life. There is a spirit/soul indwelling every person's body. That being needs to evolve and to unfold his or her true potential as part of its purpose in life.

HOW did we call it forth?

To learn respect for life. Each of us as individuals need to play our part by evolving our own awareness. That is a responsibility we all have and we all need to find the humility to accept this.

WHY did we call it forth?

I do not know what the result of this will be! The woman, even though it is legal in Ireland for her to have an abortion, on a deep level, she knows that she has aborted her baby that she had conceived. And who knows what the consequences or the feelings and emotions that result from this action will be! The "why" may be to learn to take responsibility for our actions. We have the ability to choose, to discriminate between what is life supportive and what is life destructive. And in this case, especially the man needs to learn what it is to be male. He is the one who provides the sperm that creates the new life. He is the one who chooses and it is he who holds the responsibility for everything he creates.

When the male impregnates the female by his actions, on a physical, emotional or mental level, she conceives. Then she, through whatever circumstances, decides that she cannot bring to birth what she conceived. She then aborts her conception. The question must be asked, "Has the male taken care in his actions by impregnating her?"

We can all become impregnated on a mental and emotional level. This is how Big Brother is working behind the scenes. People are being impregnated with ideas that are life destructive. For example, in allowing legislation to be passed to change our constitution to permit abortion.

Our government aborted their responsibility in making this decision on changing the Irish constitution. I believe they set up the Citizens Assembly as a way of handing over their responsibility to a group of people. If anything went wrong, then they could blame the Citizens Assembly. They, in the male polarity, were really asking the female to make the decision for them, our so called leaders!

The true male has a great responsibility when he brings his purpose to the female. He must be clear on his purpose and be sure that his actions are life supportive, otherwise he is corrupting her. If she does not recognise what it is she is taking on, being impregnated with, she will nurture and bring to birth his creation in an effort to support him.

We must always remember that the female will be quick to see the potential in the man and often will fall in love with that potential. Then what if he does not materialise that potential? This is often the cause of the wheels coming off in their relationship. When she does not have the proper clarity, what she ends up supporting could well be destruction. She needs to be very clear on his purpose before she decides to allow him to impregnate her with his purpose. When his purpose resonates with her purpose, then they are starting on the same page. Once she is clear and becomes pregnant with his purpose and that does not necessarily mean physically pregnant, it could be a business idea, she will begin to support, to nurture and bring to birth his creation. In doing so, provided his purpose is life supportive, she will be fulfilling her own purpose.

WHAT do we need to learn?

  1. The interaction between the male and the female is an act of creation. It supports the evolution of awareness by bringing the new to birth on all levels.
  2. That sexual intercourse is the greatest physical expression of love and should not be confused with lust.
  3. That we ALL have a huge responsibility in making the decision to have sexual intercourse. We all know on a deep level that it is a sacred act to express our love for each other or to provide a gateway onto the physical plane for an incarnating being for which the parents have a huge responsibility.
  4. It is the responsibility of the parents to evolve their own awareness as individuals. Then they can impart their knowledge of life to their children, to their business and in all their relationships.
  5. It is the male who MUST take responsibility for any acts of physical sex, including contraception. He must NOT leave this responsibility with the female. He is male and it is his responsibility.
  6. A true male does not allow himself to be seduced by the female or he does not seduce the female. When he takes the woman, he makes a commitment to uphold the relationship.
  7. The male can impregnate the female on the mental, emotional and physical levels. And she can conceive, nurture and bring to birth, on whatever level it is.
  8. Perhaps another answer to what we need to learn is that it is not just a foetus the woman has aborted but a life that had been conceived by the tearing away of part of her and her husband's energy field that can never be replaced. I doubt that those men who provide sperm to the sperm banks for a nominal fee of about $70 realise what is happening on an energetic level every time his sperm impregnates a female.
  9. When she chooses to abort his creation, it affects her in many ways, and we all need to understand this to enable us to avoid the possibility of it happening.
  10. Ponder on if a woman is aborting her baby on a physical level, what else of his is she aborting? What we are doing in one aspect of our life, we are also doing on all aspects of our life.
  11. The male can create beauty or destruction and he can lead the female up the "garden path" or lead her to freedom. She also needs to be aware of this. Listen to her heart, it will not lie to her. She also needs to remember that she can see the potential in the male and she can fall in love with his potential. His purpose needs to include unfolding his potential as a male, otherwise their journey together can be wishy washy. She needs to know what his purpose is.
  12. This is also true on a national level, and in this, our government and leaders have a huge responsibility. The government are in the male polarity, the leaders. The citizens are in the female polarity. When there is a good and stable government that can be trusted, the people feel safe and will get on with what they need to do. When they do not feel safe with their leaders, there will be uneasiness which will lead to strikes and demonstrations and the people will abort the policies of the government. Does this sound familiar?
  13. We saw this recently when our government decided to hold a commemoration for the RIC and the Black and Tans in Dublin Castle. There was an upsurge of anger and people expressing their disgust with the government proposal. It showed clearly how out of touch some of our politicians are with the needs of the people. The government reluctantly postponed the commemoration. Some leading politicians were upset that they did not get their own way. Not wanting to listen to what the female (the people in relation to the government) was bringing to them. This is not being male. The true male listens and takes on board what the female brings to him before making his decisions.

    This upsurge in anger also shows that there are still unresolved tensions existing between the two countries, that have been swept under the carpet and not dealt with properly. The victim mentality is still alive in Ireland and this is attracting more abuse to give us the opportunity to recognise it and to deal with it.

  14. Intelligent co-operation between male and female is of vital importance in any relationship. There is a relative factor of awareness that a lot of people do not understand. It is here in the example above when male and female are interacting as in government and its citizens. The male must listen to the female and include her, and what she is bringing to him, to enable them to intelligently co-operation together.