The Heritage of Man. Part 1.

Patrick Vincent Power • 19 May 2020

Did you know that the Heritage of Man is now available to those who feel they have the ears to hear and the eyes to see and are strong enough to use their divine birthright wisely?

“The first step in this process is relatively simple, but the effects of introducing man to his divine birthright are profoundly significant. By being able to COMPARE present world knowledge with his natural heritage, man will at last be able to discriminate wisely, and thus will the one true light emerge, sweeping all before it into the much-needed transformation within every sphere of human endeavour.” (1).

This quotation is taken from Volume 2 of the Toltec Teaching as expressed by Théun Mares.

I have been studying the Toltec teachings for around 15 years. As a result of my studies, I have learned that life is not at all what it appears to be. There is a purpose and a process to life and that all of life is inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependant. The older generations knew this, but with modern day education, we are trained to think more and more. The result of all the thinking is that today most people have lost touch with their ability to feel, our ability to trust our gut feeling. When I began to see the inter-relationship in life, my whole perception of life changed.

When I left school, I worked in the telecommunications business. I was also involved in sport and especially cycle racing. From there, I studied massage because I knew the benefit of massage from my experience as a racing cyclist. This led me to train as an osteopath. I then began to recognise that most physical problems had another component. What is known today as stress. I then went searching by doing more courses on the causes of stress and how to deal with it.

I found the answers to what I was searching for in the form of the Toltec Teachings. From my studies, I learned that life can be described as a whole system of relationships. We have a relationship with our-selves, with our parents, our siblings, our friends or our colleagues at work. We have a relationship with our cars, our pets and the homes we live in. We are constantly in relationship with someone or something. These relationships do not always work as well as we would like them to, so we end up in some sort of conflict because we both have a different view of whatever it is that has surfaced.

How do we find the harmony through the conflict? The trick here is for both people in the conflict to co-operate together intelligently. Conflict is very rewarding when we work together to find the solution. I avoided conflict in the past because I did not understand how to work with it properly. Conflict would put me on the defensive and then I could not listen properly to what was been said. Understanding conflict and seeing it as an opportunity to get new knowledge has changed my life. I am learning to welcome it and I see it now as an opportunity to evolve my awareness. Academic education does not give us these skills.

In writing this thesis, I am sharing with you some of what I have dis-covered, and what I have learned. Perhaps for some of you who read it, you may find it resonating with something deep inside. If it does, I will ask you to please, do not dismiss whatever feeling is coming up. Stay with the feeling and let it get stronger. If you set your intent on doing this, life will support you by bringing to you that which you need to assist you in working with this feeling and it will become clear and you will know what to do.

If you are a woman who is working with her female awareness, you will understand that feelings are irrational.

Share your feeling in whatever way you can with the man in your life. If he is operating from his male awareness, he will listen to you and work with you to help you bring your feeling to light. It will be to his advantage too, as he will also be learning something new from what you brought to him. You can do this with any man whose has set his intent to be the best male he can be. He can then come up with a practical solution on how to proceed. Learning to co-operate together in this way to acquire new knowledge is part of the purpose of being male and female. In learning to intelligently co-operate together, both people are also learning more and more about male and female awareness and how they can work together in support of the purpose of life.

The terms man and woman refer to gender. The terms male and female refer to specific aspects of awareness. Masculinity and femininity refer to our potential. A big part of our journey here on earth is to unfold our awareness to its full potential as a male or as a female depending on our gender. The way life has set up everything to do this, is for men to learn about being male and women to learn about being female. We unfold our potential as male and female by learning to co-operate together using both polarities of our awareness. In doing so, we are actively participating in, and fulfilling our part in the evolution of awareness, which is the true purpose of life upon the physical plane.

What I have also been doing recently is to look at what has been, and is going on here in Ireland. What we as a nation have called forth to assist us in our learning.

I have written an article to share what I dis-covered on how and why the corona virus came to Ireland and what we can learn from it. You can find the article on this link.

The history books tell us all that has happened in Ireland down through the centuries. We could call it present day knowledge of our history. If we compare this present day knowledge of history with our natural heritage as pointed out above by Théun Mares, we can extract new knowledge from our history. With this new knowledge, "we will at last be able to discriminate wisely, and thus will the one true light emerge, sweeping all before it into the much-needed transformation within every sphere of human endeavour.” (2).

Let us begin with the history between us and our nearest neighbours.

Most of the people in Ireland know our history and our relationship with our neighbours Great Britain. The Irish people have, in the past, as a nation experienced a lot of hurt and pain as a result of this relationship. There is no need for me to go through it. It happened and it is all recorded in the history books.

It is in the past, history, and we cannot change it. However, the good news is that we can learn more from our past than what we already know. To find within our history the new knowledge that will make a difference in how we go forward, we need to look at it again, but this time to look beyond the face value of what is described in the history books. This process can be described as further education. It is necessary and it surpasses academic education. For me, it is learning about my-self and my life. As a nation, it is about un-covering what we as a nation still need to learn from all the conflict with the British.

I am learning a lot about my-self and about my life by looking at my past with the knowledge I have today. Here, I am transferring that experience to how a whole nation can do the same and learn from our nation's past.

Life is not at all what it appears to be. Life is a mystery and if we are to allow for this mystery, then we cannot take what is happening or what has happened in our life only at its face value. There has to be more. So stay with me, and do please help me to look deeper?

There are many tools that we can use to help us on our journey in life. We all need a tool bag to bring along with us to enable us to handle our challenges in the best way possible. One of the tools in that tool bag that we can all use to assist us in finding what we need to learn from the challenges we have encountered in the past, as well as in our everyday life, is known as the How, Why, What Technique. I have been using this method of learning for some years now and it really has helped me to understand my life and to learn not to re-act as I did in the past. Re-acting is repeating the same old life destructive patterns. Re-acting is having the same view of life today as I always did and not learning from my past challenges. Repeating and therefore re-acting, in the same way as I always did. Going around in circles.

Responding is different. When I respond, I am taking responsibility. The word itself tells me that I have the "ability to respond" to whatever comes into my life. To respond and to take responsibility, is an action and not a re-action.

To look back and to ask ourselves as a nation the How, Why and What questions in relation to how and why the British came to Ireland. Why they captured our land. And why there is still a lot of hurt and anger around our history in relation to the British presence here.

Anger related to hurt can be the result of not understanding the challenge and not learning all that can be learned from it. At face value it is easy to see the reason for the anger but unless we can find and see as a nation the true purpose in the whole conflict, we will always be tied to the British and we, as a nation, will remain victims of what happened. Being stuck in the mindset of the victim in any part of my life drains me of my personal power and weakens me.

Finding the "why" does not mean that the way the British behaved in Ireland was right. It does not mean we should condone their behaviour. It means that we as a nation can take from our past something new and bring that new knowledge with us to make us stronger as we move forward. This way, is a LOT healthier for all of us and is a whole lot better than holding onto the hurt of the past and carrying the weight of the hurt on our shoulders as we go forward.

Challenges that have not yielded the full amount of knowledge available are repeated to give us another opportunity to fill that gap in our knowledge. The challenge could be presented in another form. Today the form of the challenge is money. Today we are being controlled by our debt. We only need to look at what has happened in our country since the bubble of the Celtic Tiger era burst. And now after the corona virus shutdown, it looks like another revolution of the wheel has brought the challenge straight back to us. We need to look at this too and we will look at this later.

In order to find what constitutes the challenge, I first of all need to ask my-self; How did the people of Ireland call forth this challenge?

Most people will immediately say when they read this. We did not call this forth. But please, remember what I said earlier, life is a mystery. If we can accept this as a possibility, then we have something to work with.

You can look at it yourselves and see what answers you come up with. Perception is not the same for everyone. Below is what came up for me when I ask my-self these questions regarding where we are at in Ireland in 2020.

Rather than being a passive bystander, you too can look at our history and then sit with it and ask yourself these same questions. You can do this with any challenge you call forth in your life. If you can accept, even the possibility, that there is a purpose and a process to life, then your whole perception of how you see life can begin to change and a whole new and exciting world will begin to open up to you. :)

The British Occupation of Ireland.

Let us use the example of the British occupation of Ireland as an example of how we can use the How, Why What Technique.

HOW was this called forth?

  1. I believe we, as a nation, dreamed in all of this over many centuries to wake us up and to spur us on to fight. By fight, I am not only saying to fight for freedom from the rule of the British Empire, but to fight for freedom from being socially conditioned. To enable all of us to remember who we are and to remember our purpose in experiencing life upon the physical plane.
  2. To bring an awareness that fighting with guns is not the proper way to handle conflict, but at the same time we cannot just sit back and allow another to take what we have. There are ways to fight that are life supportive. We must fight for our self-respect. When we are angry, we can use the energy generated by the anger to fight for clarity instead of directing it at whoever made us angry. Read the following quote by Théun Mares which is taken from his address to the South African Department of Education in (1992)

"But in a world that has become riddled with crime and violence, injustice and anarchy, the word "fight" has become a dirty word. Consequently we frown heavily upon those who express the desire to fight, we protest loudly when any person steps out of line relative to what is the accepted norm, we condition each other in the so-called civilised ways of democracy and worse still, we condition our children into becoming meek and mild, unable and indeed, unwilling to fight. Then we wonder why our children cannot fight peer pressure when it comes to alcohol and drugs, and we wonder why, once they have become adults, they turn out to be so weak in fighting for their rights. Therefore the question facing all of us, including educationalists of every description, is not whether or not it is good to fight, but rather that if we do have to fight, how best can we fight to our advantage so that the positive emerges, rather than chaos, anarchy, rebellion and ultimately also destruction?" (3).

This brings up the subject of democracy! Is being socially conditioned part of living in a democratic world? If it is, where is the freedom in that? Most people do not know why they are here experiencing life upon the physical plane. What prevents them from knowing this? I believe it is our socially conditioned minds. We can claim that there are many things done in the name of democracy, in the name of protecting the citizens, when in actual fact these doings, by those in power, is enabling them to control. Life does not support control in any form. I believe democracy is about having freedom and not to be controlled. Being socially conditioned is allowing our-selves to stay ignorant to the fact that there is a purpose and process to life.

There is a purpose to experiencing life upon the physical plane and that purpose has to do with the evolution of awareness. Social conditioning robs people of so many opportunities. It can be seen immediately how men and women do not understand that part of their fate is to unfold their male and female awareness. Evolving our awareness as male and females feels good to many people I have spoken with, and they say, that those who know this, could teach it. How does one begin to reach out and teach people that believe they are living in a democratic world, when in actual fact, they are being controlled by the way they think? How does one begin to change that mindset unless these people are willing to let go of a mindset that is corrupted and denies us our divine birthright? A mindset that has taken from humanity its true journey? But there is always a way forward for those who are serious about working in this way and are willing to fight for their freedom. The warrior knows in his or her heart that giving up is not an option.

  • When there is respect for each other on all sides and a willingness, people can sit down and co-operate together to sort out their differences.

The one who has the power to suppress is not the winner. He or she is doing it for self-centred gain. They are actually raping the other. And they know very well that they have used their power in an abusive way and in doing so have created destruction. What we are looking at here is how and why we as a nation called that abuse forth? And what can we all learn going forward so that we will not keep calling forth abuse? We are all like magnets. We attract whatever challenge we need to give us the opportunity to learn.

WHY was this called forth?

The will to fight to survive is innate in all of us. We have, in Ireland, attained a certain level of freedom from fighting. But is it real freedom? Are we not still allowing ourselves to be controlled by debt? By social conditioning? By Big Brother?

When I look back, even 50 years, Ireland, like most other countries, looks so different now from what it was like when I was young. The schools and the whole educational system has changed. Peoples' relationship with the church has changed. The housing and business has changed. The food we eat today is so much different, with any number modern restaurants with a wide range of menus to choose from. Modern technology has made a huge difference in Ireland with regard how people live their lives. There are plenty opportunities to make progress.

These changes have come about because people and technology have evolved and there is lots new everywhere. For this to happen we must have evolved as a nation. We fought for freedom and in that fight we have learned more than we knew before. We must keep going forward and continue to discriminate. Sometimes all that is needed is discrimination. When we do not learn to discriminate, we may end up in unnecessary battles. That is true in all possible conflict situations.

These changes that I mention here are changes that have taken place mainly on the form side of life. And there is no doubt about it, we in Ireland experience a better quality of life as a result of these changes.

How do we find fulfilment? What is missing from our lives that deep down we are always hoping will come our way?

Our natural heritage is presented for us in the form of the Toltec Teachings. (4) These teachings are available to everyone and it is up to humanity as a whole to seek them out and to claim the knowledge held within them. Acquiring that knowledge has the potential to change everything. Is it this knowledge that we long for? Is it this knowledge that will help us to see our life as it really is? And seeing life as it really is will take us on the true journey of self discovery. Our true purpose and the pathway to freedom.

We called this forth to learn how important it is to live our lives in harmony and that fighting to have power over another person or another nation is destructive and leads to more destructive behaviour. We are all part of the One Life. It is the density of the physical plane that gives the illusion that we are separate.

WHAT do we need to learn?

  1. What has helped to evolve our awareness to what it is today was not done solely by political means. Deep within each and every one of us is the unconscious knowing of the universal law of Harmony through Conflict. Learning to use this law to support the evolution of our awareness is a necessity.
  2. To learn to get back the fighting spirit that the Irish were known for all over the world. We fought to be free of the mighty British Empire. We have our fellow countrymen stand out in every walk of life all over the world. Where have all the heroes gone?
  3. To learn that if one of the sides in the conflict is out for self-centred gain, the other side must to be prepared to fight for their rights and not bow down to the corruption attempts or the threats of the other. If we see corruption in the other, we must search within for the corruption in ourselves and transmute it in ourselves.
  4. To elect people who care for the welfare of the people of Ireland and have the interests of the citizens of our country at heart and will fight to negotiate for the benefit of all concerned.
  5. Academic education has improved but in order for the people of Ireland to free ourselves, we need to learn about life and about who we are. Ask ourselves questions like, "Who am I?" "Who are we?" "Why are we here?" "What is the purpose of our lives and our deaths?" The answers to these kind of questions will take us on the path of true education. And part of being truly educated is to know that life can only reflect to us what is already within ourselves. By the Irish people bringing everything back to ourselves and making all this about ourselves with the intent of learning, we can change ourselves as individuals. As each individual changes, we as a nation change. Then, what is being reflected to us will also have to change. This is a universal law which has been kept from us. If enough people would commit to doing this work, Ireland's freedom and the freedom of our children, would materialise in a short space of time. When this happens in Ireland, the reflection that the rest of the world shows us will also change as per universal law. We have the power within ourselves to change the world. That is an amazing sentence to ponder on?

    Mahatma Gandhi said; "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." and also "In a gentle way you can shake the world". What a beauty-full and simple way he has of letting us know what we are capable of doing by changing ourselves. :)

  6. Where is the fighting spirit of the Irish? What would those who fought to free Ireland say if they could see what has happened and what is happening today in Ireland?
  7. We have elected politicians who bow down to the forces of Big Brother and the banks. They seem to think that it is okay that the big international banks can pump money into our country to inflate our economy and then pull the plug to create a recession. They walk around with these people who robbed us and ripped us off as if they were their best friends. These same people, who every working person in Ireland has to pay from their wages every week, because our negotiators allowed them to pass their debt onto us.

    Our last government were claiming all is well again and say that the public finances are back in order. The politicians hardly mentioned when they were canvassing during the recent election the HUGE debt that is still hanging over us. They are borrowing as if we had no debt. They use the slogan "Keep the recovery going" to encourage us to vote for them. Where are they leading this country to? Another recession? Another bail out? Who will profit from another recession? We all need to answer these question, especially now following the cost of the corona virus shutdown. Can this be a repeat of the banks pumping money into our country again under the guise of a shutdown?

  8. Every man and woman in this country needs to learn to take responsibility for being male or female. And to know that male and female are aspects of awareness and not to be confused with gender. We must stand up and fight for our rights and demand that people in authority are held accountable for their actions. Persisting in our recently acquired sense of apathy is not serving anyone. We must all search within our-selves to find the answers to what the world is reflecting back to us.
  9. The males and females of Ireland need to find the strength to act and provide a strong lead and a good support system in our own families and communities. We possess within us the power to create. We create our own realities with our perception of what we see happening out there. Our perception needs to continue to change to avoid being stuck in any particular view. We need to be care-full what we are creating as individuals and as a nation. To be able to discriminate between, "Are we creating something life supportive or are we creating destruction?"

* Image by Joan Greenman from Pixabay