coMra basics

Maxim Mironenko • 13 June 2019

This article is based on e-mail educational series that touches upon various aspects important for a person new to coMra therapy.


coMra is safe and easy to use


coMra is safe, non-toxic and easy to use. Anyone can learn to use coMra therapy to treat a variety of conditions, as well as for preventative medicine and maintaining health.

It is designed to be gentle and non-invasive to the body.

We have designed coMra with ultimate user safety and simplicity of use in mind. There are many devices on the market of varying therapeutic efficiency. There are also various safety measures and learning requirements before you can even start. Most of them are targeted for professional use.

coMra Palm is different. You can not go wrong with it. Just one rule to remember – do not shine the light of the working device into your open eyes. No need for laser glasses. While the User Guide gives time and frequency guidelines – feel free to experiment and do different things: longer timings, treating several times a day, using different frequencies. And get full benefits of coMra or even improve on results, if you have used your experience to develop new treatments.

You can apply coMra simply on the principle of treat “where the greatest pain is”. It is not always necessary to learn the systemic approach or to target specific areas for application, depending on the organ or body system location. And continue to get the benefits of coMra.

You can try any treatment you want from the User Guide, even if you do not have that condition and have zero side effects. coMra will not harm.

Besides the above, coMra Palm is absolutely portable, durable and quality made, easy to operate and unbelievably affordable. All of that together is unique, since it gives you a professional grade treatment with the simplicity and safety of the best designed home devices.

The basics are easy to learn and you will discover very soon that it is also fun to use!

coMra restores cellular energy

coMra therapy action is based on very specific cellular effects. Some of the coMra energy goes deep into the body. Body is transparent for infrared laser and magnetic field.

Simply put, coMra recharges your “batteries” by the action of infrared laser and magnetic field. coMra as well stimulates cellular metabolism. This comes in a variety of ways, with a combined effects of colour LEDs, infrared laser and magnetic field.

The main mechanism is a stimulation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) synthesis. It is a universal fuel used by every cell for every type of work and produced by the action of oxygen on the nutrients supplied by the blood. Infrared laser energy in a presence of magnetic field absorbed by the cells. This increases the efficiency of ATP production and also level of energy reserves.

Diseased cells in the body would not do the work to their full capacity for some reason. This in most cases because of either lack of oxygen, lack of nutrients or generally lack of energy. Otherwise cell can repair itself, even if being damaged in some way.

Energy supply with coMra turns the tide of the healing process in the body towards the recovery. This comes as a relief of sorts and as a pain relief as well.

Of course there is a cause, why some cells became diseased and weak in the first place. There was a process that led to this over the time. But by treating diseased areas regularly it is possible to make them strong enough to resist those weakening factors.

Secondly there is a systemic approach with coMra. When needed coMra treatments in the User guide always combine such a local approach and a systemic approach. This way you are not only treating the area where pain or disease is, but also some other areas that influence your condition.

coMra regenerates tissues

Experience shows that coMra therapy is a universal approach for injuries, various diseases and also for preventative medicine.

As you have learned already coMra provides energy directly to cellular “batteries”. Yet this is only one layer of coMra effects.

coMra has other effects on cellular level: increase mitochondrial respiration, activate transcription factors, inhibit programmed cell death, reduce inflammation, stimulate neuron generation and growth of new blood vessels, stimulate stem cells proliferation, migration and differentiation.

All these effects combined lead to regeneration of various tissues of the body.

A good example of what is possible with coMra would be a cartilage tissue regeneration. It is generally considered that cartilage layer that has degraded, could not be ever recovered. One of the common solutions is a replacement surgery.

The main reason for saying that this is a one way process, is because for spine, knee, hip - daily stress on the joint never stops. There is a recovery process happening each day, but it is too slow to prevent further degeneration.

Various research with infrared laser and magnetic field shows that it stimulates cartilage tissue recovery. Both intervertebral disks and knee caps could be recovered almost to initial state.

coMra gives your body the needed boost, so that recovery has enough speed to overcome daily stress and degeneration and recover your tissues back to a healthy condition.

Check out some osteoarthritis information here:

Regeneration of tissue takes time, depending on the nature and severity of the injury or disease. It is recommended to apply coMra therapy over a number of treatment courses (from weeks to months).

coMra therapy helps regenerate many different types of cells, e.g. in connective, muscle, nerve and epithelial tissues.

coMra in your daily lifestyle


coMra Palm is portable and versatile device. You can put in your purse or bag every day or use it at home for long and involved treatments.

Use it while travelling, as well in the office or take it with you for an exercising or vacation. It will serve as a first aid in case of any emergency. Will boost your energy and stamina, serve for both healing and preventative treatments.

This availability is an important quality of the therapy. Most coMra treatments are very effective, if applied on schedule or immediately after pain or injury.

Combined with extreme safety it allows you to start treatment without knowing exact cause of the pain or disease. You may then do the correction of treatment as soon as diagnosis is available. You will not lose a single minute before you start getting benefits of coMra therapy.

Using coMra at every opportunity leads to another aspect – prevention. No disease actually takes place at once. This process unfolds over the time. One gets a series of preceding symptoms, that is possible to localise, but not yet possible to interpret.

By treating those symptoms when they appear, it is possible to prevent disease from manifesting altogether.

Important to know that regular application of coMra therapy, unlike most medications, does not lead to any dependency. So person that applies coMra becomes resistant to many common diseases. Less and less treatment is actually needed over the time.