Sinus and post nasal drip issues (which often woke me up at night) have all but disappeared since a strict and disciplined application of coMra Palm for the past 3 months.

Throat irritation, too, is now minimal. So better sleep as well.

I used the Palm just before sleep and first thing in the morning regularly, and during the night if I needed to (amazing how sinuses unblock almost instantly!).

I used the sinus programme (Otorhinolaryngology 7) at all times and combined, as appropriate with Otorhinolaryngology 2 and, of course, the amazing Universal 3.

I find, now, that Otorhinolaryngology 7 is all I need just before sleep and first thing in the morning. Breathing is a lot better too and, I believe, I don’t snore as much! Sinuses a lot less bothersome during the day as well.

I really would recommend giving coMra Palm a try for sinus or similar issues.

An update, 6 months later:

Still getting excellent results with my coMra Palm for sinus problems, especially when lying down at night (and I do not need to use every night despite the fact we’re into the onset of winter in the UK and the central heating is on). Just 5Hz for one minute on the recommended sinus points in the user guide. The “clearing” effect is pretty instantaneous within 20-30 seconds. Amazing - and what relief! My coMra Palm is like my third arm!

coMra User
Mariette Lobo
United Kingdom