Presenting Toltec Legacy site

Milen Ivanov • 20 May 2020

This is an English Translation of this article written in Bulgarian.

As clear from the title, a purpose of this article is to present to you the site Toltec Legacy. Another purpose is for me to give you some initial idea of its content and why it is valuable. In exchange for my effort, I would like to ask you - if you would find what you are going to read valuable - to spread it.

The site is educational and it is for people who want to avail themselves of Toltec Legacy. If you would decide that this is for you, you will have to do all the work, thus let's start right now. If you would google-search, most of what you will find on Toltec is misleading. Therefore, I'd recommend you started here.

To get even better idea, think of something you are struggling with at the moment and search on the topic in the public part of the site. That is, write into google *challenge*,

where challenge is your challenge, written in English - site's language.

If you would prefer a video, this is it! I'd recommend you watched the whole series.

At the time I decided to involve myself with Warriors Path the only thing publicly available on Toltec Legacy was from Castaneda's teacher, called in the books Juan Matus. I had read couple of books before and I got interested, but both those left me with the sense of something I would want, but there is no way I can get. The first one was describing practices that obviously required instructions from someone who knows. The second contained practices which I could apparently do on my own. Like, for example, to stop talking to myself in my head. But completely! Well, I tried only to find out it was impossible.

In few years time however I was desperate. I was just divorced and all my relationships were failures. Whatever I had tried to do was at dead end and I did not know how to proceed and even if I will be able to proceed. I then started another Castaneda book - without great expectations - mostly as an escapism. However, something resonated with me very strongly. A comment from Juan Matus on the big romantic drama that ended tragically, just related by Castaneda. The comment was that there had been nothing wrong with either Carlos or his girlfriend and they have just been too egotistical and in this almost killed each other.

This caught my attention even though I could not understand it. Is it possible to do things in such a way that they wont end in "tragedies"? Yet in such way that there is love and warmth nonetheless? These questions were sub-conscious with me, but my decision was to grasp as much as I could - from my own experience! - of Warriors Path, as the system was called. I knew that could take me years, but I did not have anything better to do anyway.

And... this was the beginning. :)

I intend to write few more articles on this topic, but I would like to see first what would be the response. Therefore, I'd be grateful for any comments!


(*Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay)