Hypothyroidism Body Signs and Symptoms

Nevena Vladimirova • 13 June 2019
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The thyroid is a small gland located in the neck which has a very important role. It regulates the metabolism, the body temperature and many other processes. It is connected to the rest of the endocrine system with the hormones it produces. If the thyroid gland is underactive, the condition hypothyroidism occurs. How your body will show that this gland function is too low and the inner hormonal balance is lost? There are symptoms and body signs which are the results of  hypofunction of the thyroid. As soon as you notice them, you need to test the levels of thyroid hormones and start a healing course. In most of the cases, the hypofunction is a result of autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, virus infections etc.


coMra therapy

Apart from the diet changes which are very beneficial in cases like hypothyroidism, you need to support the thyroid. If the gland is underactive, it needs some stimulation and more energy to restore its healthy condition. A very gentle and effective way to heal your thyroid and reverse the condition is coMra therapy. The low frequency laser works in harmony with the magnets and the colorful diodes to induce the healing process in the cells. In the coMra user guide are all the details about the treatment course with the frequencies to use and the time of application. You can also include any of the Universal Treatments in your healing programme with coMra therapy. If your nervous, digestive or cardiovascular systems are affected by hypofunction of the thyroid, you can treat them too.


Nervous system and the heart

Fatigue and muscle weakness is linked to the low function of the thyroid. It may also affect your memory and create a condition called brain frog. Sometimes, nerves are damaged which will result in peripheral neuropathy and loss of orientation. Hypothyroidism often comes with depression or anxiety due to the adrenal fatigue and the hormonal imbalance. High blood pressure and hypertension also show that your thyroid is not working properly which increases the risk of heart attack.


Digestive and endocrine systems

As the thyroid regulates the metabolism, a sudden weight gain, leaky gut syndrome, bloating and constipation, are also signs of hypofunction. These conditions are also interconnected while the digestive issues often can become the cause of the autoimmune responses like Hashimoto’s. This is the reason why the food intolerances to dairy products, gluten and eggs need to be addressed during the healing course. You need to reduce any cause of inflammation that many trigger a strong immune reaction. The underactive thyroid gland may cause changes in the menstrual cycle and unstable blood sugar conditions like insulin resistance and hypoglycemia.


Skin and hair issues

If your thyroid is underactive and does not produce enough thyroid hormones, your skin could become dry and saggy. The dehydrated skin is a very common sign of the hypofunction. It may also cause the loss of hair on the head and the body, eyebrows thinning and dull hair color. If you start the healing course with coMra therapy and take some supplements like zinc and magnesium, the condition could be reversed and the autoimmune diseases can enter remission. This will help your body to restore its balance and the hair will stop falling and will start growing again.