Post Traumatic Neuropathy - 2

A 32 y.o. female fell from a chair on the floor and instinctively leant on her hand and forearm. As a result the left arm swelled. Although x-rays found no fracture, she developed post-traumatic neuropathy and for the next three months she was suffering unpleasant symptoms.

She experienced numbness of the left arm, more in the elbow and fingers. Pain in the left arm has been appearing frequently, especially when the lady has been holding something like a knife or after staying long time in one position. She also had the obility of her left arm restricted.

After just one coMra course of ten treatments, together with EHF, physiotherapy and special exercises done at home, the patient achieved like 80% improvement.

And after one more course (and exercising at home, as advised) she was completely symptom free, so the final course was made only for prevention.

At the end this lady's quality of life was completely restored.

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