‍‍‍‍On June 2nd 2019 I had what I thought was a rash but after the 2nd day it had spread from my left breast to my upper arm and they looked like blisters. So we went in search of a doctor! We haven't had the need for one for quite awhile. We knew this was now urgent: pain was bad, eventually found a doctor in the local shopping centre. He immediately said 'You've got shingles.'. I couldn't believe it, I thought only very sick or stressed people got shingles and I was neither. Doctor said 'Are you stressed?' I said 'I wasn't but I am now!'. I told him I was in pain he said 'Well, just wait! It's going to get worse!'.

What we identified was I had had a wisdom tooth taken out which took a lot of effort to remove then it got infected and my body became traumatized. Hey presto the virus got me which is related to chicken pox you had as a kid. Some shingles last as long as the blisters about 6 to 8 weeks. Well, I was one of the unfortunate ones it didn't go!!

So began my journey of 24/7 burning stabbing pain, I was put on medication to help deaden the pain nothing stops it. These medications intercept the messages between the nerves system and the brain, and at best they dull it, they take about 2 weeks to kick in, they have side effects such as dizziness so no good if your driving. I tried 3 different doctors over a month, found one who had suffered shingles, she prescribed Lyrica which at least I could drive and it dulled a little.

I understood then that I had reached the end of the line on what the medical profession could offer.

So my search began, I tried CBD oil, recommended nerve supplements, Tens machine. Then I found coMra Palm. We did a lot of research studied video testimonials and decided we would buy one on the basis that it was good for many ailments, and as we are aging, we had lots of aches pains through ware tare that it might help.

I received my coMra Palm in the early Dec 2019. I was guided to use it on the affected areas twice a day 50 Hz and 1000 Hz for 1 minute each, then 5 minutes at 1000 Hz scanning from the back of my neck to the middle of my spine. I also did Universal 2 (Blood Irradiation). I was told keep doing it until I would feel a difference. It took over month to really feel it was working, but my husband noticed huge changes in just a few weeks: I was moving about more, my colour was improving so the circulation was obviously better, started swimming and going for longer walks. Before coMra I avoided exercise because of the pain and discomfort.

I was told to stop the treatment for a week to give my body a chance to catch up, I guess. A week later - that would be about 7th Jan 2020 - I was told use the User Guide and experiment different treatments and I did. I did Universal 1 (Head) and most importantly Universal 7 (Nervous System). My thinking was: my head receiving all these massages it needs, would help; and nervous system is where the damage is. After another 2 weeks the affected area of pain was less and the pain (burning stabbing pains) reduced. I started to get my life back.

Its coming up to year now: December 5th 2020. It's not gone, but it's very liveable. My medication has reduced by half. Damaged nerves take a long time to heal, doctors say, but mine are definitely healing, my body is healing and coMra Gave Me My Life Back.

Thanks to all the coMra Team!

coMra User
Penny Carson