Update on Relationships III ISM Course

Milen Ivanov • 22 June 2020

In the previous article I announced the imitative to call forth Relationships III ISM Course. It is a special Course for those interested in committed relationships.

Rather than repeating the "why"s from the previous article, I'd rather share two inspiring links from the new ISM Site:

What is wrong in the communication between Joe and Martha?

What if only one of the two changes?!

You will find lot more on ISM Site, but what is of immediate relevance is:

ISM Vision.

What was set up in the previous article is a bit intermediate between the two wings of the ISM Vision, and quite unique in many respect.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 related restrictions stopped in half-way and the Course was not meant to be at the planned dates.

Some time ago I proposed to the enthusiastic Group already gathered to try and collect sufficient number of potential participants, who can be trusted to be serious in their intention to participate, and wait for a gap to organize the Course!

The purpose of this article is to anchor and announce this decision.

I have been waiting to get have more clarity as to when it will be at all possible to have such gap, but... the loop I had given myself for waiting has expired and the clarity is none. Obviously it will be no earlier than September 2020, but beyond that I have no guess. So, unknown it will be! 😀

Again, if you are interested in potentially attending Relationships III ISM Course, please write me at:

milen dot ivanov at gmail dot com