Relationships III ISM Course

Milen Ivanov • 14 February 2020
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I am thrilled to announce ISM Course Relationships III which will take place June 11-14, 2020, in Varna, Bulgaria!

All needed information - I hope! - is here below and you are invited to use this link when sharing about the Course.

If you have attended ISM Courses or Retreats, you have experience, though each and every one is different. If not, please check ISM site. The following quote from the May 2020 ISM Retreat Flyer puts it into nutshell.

"Elizabeth founded and is Director of the Institute for the Study of Man. The Courses and Retreats offered through the Institute have been developed to give people valuable insights, as well as practical tools, so that they can effect meaningful and lasting change in their lives.


Elizabeth has a simple, honest and highly practical approach in guiding people to look within their unique life experiences to find their own answers. This approach is immensely uplifting and empowering, since you will learn how to solve any problem or challenge that comes your way."

As Relationships III has not been organised in the last 10 years, this is very unique opportunity!

Here is the Course description, as given on ISM site:

Relationships III: Investing Responsibly in a Permanent Relationship

I hope you feel drawn to this Course and want to read on! :)

The question I got asked almost immediately is if this Course is for couples only. Mainly yes, but not only! It is for those seriously interested in committed relationship or even in the commitment itself.

This Course would be for you if - for example - you feel that there is something missing in your relationship with your partner, or, if you feel it has great potential for growth, or if you are no longer sure why you are in this relationship and issues like this.

It can be even more valuable if you are considering entering a committed relationship, or if you are facing a crisis.

But, of course, the valuable motives to attend are not limited to these examples. At the end of the day, you must define your own, if there is such.

As for me, I am married for like 15 years and our relationship is good and friendly, and it is getting better in the sense that there is less friction. Yet, I feel like the marriage can be much more! Am I being greedy and ungrateful? I want to find out! Many years ago I came across a recording of Krishnamurti where he was saying about the married couples that they live in one house, but they do not see each other. This hit me strong! I would not say it is like this for me and especially when there is some important issue to solve, and yet for long periods there is "plateau". This is why I want to do the Course.

I also want to learn more about: "A permanent relationship demands commitment - a full commitment to oneself." Maybe this is actually what I should put first.


I am intentionally keeping this article concise, but you can contact me if any questions.

Like any Course this also need participants and here I need your support! :)

First of all, and this should be obvious by now, if you have a partner it will be of great benefit for both of you to do the Course together.

Second, and this is the crucial thing! - we need 20 participants to commit by March 11 (two months prior to the Course). Commitment means 50% of the fee paid. So, please think of your friends who can benefit from this Course and spread the word. If you would need any assistance with this, like for example adjustment to this article, etc. please let me know!

Now the details point by point.


It starts 2pm Thursday, June 11; and ends Sunday, June 14, evening with a dinner out.

Post Course Meeting

There will be a Post Course Meeting at Tuesday, June 16. It will start 2 pm and may continue until 7 pm.

It is for those still around and I highly recommend you make it! If you plan for it, then you will have the Monday to absorb the very intense Course and learning, together with your partner - if you came together - and friends from the Course. You can also relax in a very touristic setting almost in the season. AND the "things" will start happening and you will have the chance to ask for more guidance on your issues with now even greater direction. In short, I love Post Course Meetings!


The Course will take place in Azalia hotel, Varna, Bulgaria. The hotel is being renovated right now; and their website probably too, as it is only in Bulgarian. You can translate the page, or refer to the Retreat Flyer linked above.

Why in Azalia? Because ISM Retreats (at least three of them) are organised there, so the staff knows what ISM is about and there is little friction.

Course Fee

It is 490 EUR.

Payment Terms

50% of the fee is due by March 11 and the reminder by April 11.

Course Room Rent

The rent for the Course Room is about 150 EUR per day (exactly 300 BGN) and we will split it between us. So for 20 participants this makes about 8 EUR a day per person. If - let's hope for that! - we are more than 20, then this will be less.

Accommodation at Azalia

Unlike the Retreats we are not required to stay at the hotel, but I think that this is anyway the most convenient. Yet, you are free to search for your own accommodation.

If you decide to stay at Azalia and have fun with most of the participants, then we have special offer for all-inclusive (including three meals, drinks, spa and beach facilities). However, this offer is only until June 16, that is including Post Course Meeting, because seasons gets higher at mid June. If you want to stay after June 16, the price will be significantly higher.

The price per day is:

  • 104.30 EUR for double room;
  • 80 EUR for single room.

Here you can again see the benefit of coming with your partner. :)

For Azalia I will book on your behalf, once you tell me your preferences, and you would pay directly to the hotel at check in.


For contacting me you can use any of the following:

(Image by Olessya from Pixabay)