A PILL FOR AN ILL….seems passé to me

Garrett Murrin • 14 May 2019

We still appear to live in a “pill for an ill” society. One in which people seek out some ‘pill’ as a ‘cure’ for what ails them (AKA: a quick fix so we can get on with the QUANTITY of our lives).  But it is becoming increasingly clear due to the continually escalating chronic diseases and malcontent of our time that this approach is failing drastically.


The philosophical result of chemical medicine's success has been belief in the Technological Fix. Drugs became the best or only valid treatments for all ailments. Prevention, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, the patient's physical and mental uniqueness, environmental pollutants—all were glossed over.”

-- Dr. Robert Becker: “The Body Electric


Where to from here?


The common denominator of all chronic disease, and in fact most (if not all) malaise in general, is an energetic deficit on a cellular level. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is considered THE energy currency of the body, as well as a critical method of communication. As can be seen in figure 1 it is lacking in chronically ill people.


ATP levels in Red Blood Cells

In healthy people (blue) and chronically ill patients (red)

Mikirova ATP comparison; sick vs healthy people

Figure 1: data from Mikirova et al. 2004[1] (linked below)


Could it be possible that all our lives contain energy expenditures currently being ignored as inconsequential that are having long-term negative consequences?


If so, what could they be?


Lets take environmental pollutants as one example, specifically wireless radiation from cell phones, which has long-term negative health effects.


Now picture having an energy bank account and starting out each day with less and less energy available because the body needs a growing portion of energy to combat this radiation along with everything else in the environment. Might not seem like much at first. Until finally at some point the account runs so low we go in the “RED” and commence borrowing from our cells and organs in order to get through our days. Do this for long enough and chronic dis-ease results. Chronic disease develops long before its symptoms ever appear.


If this is possible then can we reclaim this energy?


Many people dislike the idea of having to take time to focus on all of these nuisances such as wireless radiation, chemical cleaners, genetically modified foods etc, etc, etc. Ironically , believing these issues cut into their already limited time and energy. Time and energy they need to recover.  But could it not be, that after the initial investment of time and energy to understand these issues and seek out solutions the opportunity to save energy and thereby improve our QUALITY of life becomes possible?


Of course one can always discard such an approach of giving attention to the small things as naive and overly simplistic in favour of the complex and often un-actionable.


However, all our lives already contains more than enough power for any of us to take the next step in our journey, but that power can only be accessed by focusing on the QUALITY of our lives not the QUANTITY. 


“It is a Toltec axiom that everything which has power rarely, if ever, attracts attention, for man's rational mind is geared towards academic complexity.”

 --Théun Mares: “Return of the Warriors


[1] Nina Mikirova, Ph.D., Hugh D. Riordan, M.D., R.K. Kirby, M.D., A. Klykov, B.S., James A. Jackson, Ph.D.  2004 “Monitoring of ATP levels in Red Blood Cells and T Cells of Healthy and Ill subjects and the Effects of Age on Mitochondrial Potential”.  Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine no 20 (1):50-58. (LINK TO ONLINE PDF)