How to treat eczema with coMra

Dalibor Kuběna • 12 June 2019

I have been a coMra user for more than 7 years now, and use it for every health issue I am facing as I approach the age of 50.

With the coMra Palm I had the opportunity to test it on eczema which appeared suddenly on my right forearm. I do not suffer with eczema often and it was probably only the second time I experienced it.

I had used coMra to treat my baby daughter’s eczema on her face seven years ago, when she was not even a year old. From what I remember the treatment was a challenge as the eczema was quite persistent and it took a couple of weeks to heal it. But we did it, and with no corticosteroids needed.

So now having the coMra Palm and a years long experience with coMra, I was sure that it will heal. For three days I was observing the eczema without doing any treatment, as I believe in the innate healing ability of the body. On the fourth day I decided to start treatment though, as the eczema was not getting better and I felt that my body could use some support with the healing.

I treated the affected area two or three times a day with the 50 and 1000 Hz setting, each at 10 minutes. Already after one day I saw an improvement. The appearance of the eczema changed, it looked drier than the previous day, this was on a Friday. On Monday there was already around 90% improvement. After a week from the first treatment I forgot about it, as the signs and symptoms that had been there were no longer noticeable. (please see attached pictures)

I was so happy about the speed of healing not only because of the discomfort of the symptoms, but also because I teach Wing Chun kung fu where I use my hands and am in  physical contact with other people every day.

I am looking forward to using the coMra Palm on my students and myself because in martial arts training we experience lots of aches and pains. Using coMra over the years has been very helpful in speeding up recoveries of many of my students, which greatly supported my kung fu business.

  • Image 1: Day 2 of treatement
  • Image 2: Treating with coMra Palm
  • Image 2: Day 5 of treatment


coMra Palm and eczema