Healthy Breakfast for Good Start of the Day

Nevena Vladimirova • 1 May 2019

What you choose to eat or drink in the morning is quite significant for your metabolism and health, so you need to be careful about the breakfast and the whole morning routine after you wake up. Warming up the body with some moderate exercises, some meditation or reading for several minutes, will tune you into the balanced and harmonious vibration, while jumping on the phone or the computer could create stress and anxiety later on as the day goes by. Depending on your morning routine, you would have breakfast early or within an hour or two, but let us discuss how your choice of foods or liquids in the morning, could possibly affect your healthy energy levels.How to start the day in order to feel good and to help the body getting rid of the waste materials and toxins from the cells?


While the body is a bit dehydrated in the morning, one of the best things just after you get up is a glass of warm water as it will speed up the cleansing of the waste products from the previous day out of the intestines.This simple act of hydration after sleep will prevent from constipation, skin problems, heart diseases and digestion issues. It is better if the water is freshly coming from the spring or pure structured water in order to be well absorbed by the cells. Water has quite different effect on your body than coffee or tea as they are both diuretics,they increase the heart rate and blood pressure. If you still like drinking coffee in the morning, it is recommended to drink at least a big glass of pure water with it in order to restore the balance.

Alkaline liquids

The best alkaline liquids are water with fresh lemon juice, water with propolis, with baking soda, with apple cider vinegar and also the green tea. They will help you if you feel bloated in the morning as they will regulate your acid/alkaline balance in the body. Another way to help your body with its alkaline balance is coMra therapy because when there is no inflammatory processes in the body, the inner balance is easily maintained. Your can choose the most appropriate treatment for yourself from the coMra user guide. Using the coMra Palm is very easy and just for 10 min per day you can boost your energy or get relief from pain. It is a portable personal health device combining laser, magnets used to heal your cells and to help the work of the internal organs.

Juices and fruits

As you need vitamins and minerals, after the morning cleansing with warm water and alkaline liquids, you can eat whole fruits or drink some fresh, natural juices from fruits, roots and green leaves in order to support the organism. If you want to intake more fiber to support your digestive system, it is recommended to eat the whole fruits. The best is to search for organic, naturally grown fruits. Although the carbohydrates and the vitamins will boost your metabolism and will feed the brain, some people should choose not so sweet fruits in order to keep their blood sugar levels moderate. Watermelons, red apples, bananas, pineapples etc. contain a lot of sugar, while strawberries, raspberries, lemons, grapefruits, kiwis are not so sweet and are better for people with sugar linked diseases.

Cereals, smoothie and protein

If you are still hungry or you have a long day ahead, you can eat some whole foods in the form of cereals or whole grains bread with dried fruits and seeds or different combinations of smoothies made from fruits, nuts and superfoods. You can add some powder proteins, eggs and yogurt if you feel the need for more energy, as the proteins will feed the muscles and will postpone your next meal while they need more time to be digested. This type of breakfast is suitable for people who like working out in the morning or like to have late lunch during the day. Adding some good fat to your breakfast like avocado, coconut, nuts etc. will not let you get hungry after two hours and will give you even more energy for a wonderful day.