coMra therapy: The Universal Treatments (part 2/3)

Nevena Vladimirova • 30 October 2019

Using the Different Frequencies

To date, coMra therapy devices have four selectable levels of near infrared laser frequency, according to the depth of penetration required:

5 Hz is the frequency used for deep penetration – for treating the internal organs and skeletal structure of the body, internal tumours and also for irradiating the blood. 5 Hz is not used on the brain.

50 Hz is the frequency used for treating muscle disorders, injuries and ailments that are closer to the surface of the skin. This frequency is also used for treating the brain, as well as for tumours that are located directly beneath the skin.

1000/1k Hz is the least penetrating of the frequencies, but pulses most rapidly, and is used mostly for treating mucous membranes, skin disorders and very sensitive skin – as in burns, open wounds and superficial ulcers.

The Variable Frequency setting (V), which varies intermittently between 5 Hz, 50 Hz and 1000/1k Hz, is used mostly for joints and bone fractures, larger wounds, infections and also in cases where it is desirable to treat a particular area at various depths of penetration.

The coMra therapy user guide

The user guide is mainly written with the home user in mind, and so it speaks of treatments being made daily. However, you can decide for yourself how frequently you wish to treat. Doctors and therapists treat once or twice per week, depending on the condition.

You will find the list of the conditions and the treatments separated in sections. You can download it as a PDF from our website, use it as a Web app,  or use it directly on your mobile phone as an app for both iOS and Android. In the user guide, you will see illustrations of treatment points on the body and the time set per each point. Each person is unique and their bodies respond differently to treatments. Therefore, the treatment times per point, and the recommended courses in the user guide, should not be regarded as being fixed, but can be extended, depending on your individual needs and situation. Doing longer treatments will not harm, especially with long-standing pain. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Acute conditions, pain and physical injury can be treated as frequently as 4-5 times per day for the first few days, and frequency of treatments can then be reduced as necessary. In these cases, shorter treatments several times per day produce better results than one very long treatment.

The coMra therapy Universal Treatments and the benefits to you

We classify ‘health’ as the perfect balance of all the complex systems within the human body, and the ability of the body to maintain that balance. Thus the Universal Treatments in the coMra user guide have been designed to support the fundamental principles of coMra therapy, and support systemic bio-modulation on:

  • The immune system;
  • the central nervous system;
  • the peripheral nervous system;
  • the endocrine system;
  • the circulatory system and;
  • the digestive system.

As mainstream medical science is beginning to discover, all of the ‘separate’ body systems are completely interrelated and work together to maintain the overall health of the ‘whole’. We now know that there is a constant communication between the body’s systems and organs, and that this communication is actually a vital part of that state of being that we call “being healthy”.

Here, then, are the eight Universal Treatments as described in the coMra user guide, which you can download here as a PDF from our website, use it as a Web app, or use directly on your mobile phone as an app for both iOS and Android:

Universal Treatment 1 – Head

This treatment concerns the health of the head and the brain, and is used to control the symptoms of conditions such as; migraines & headaches, fainting, senile dementia, atherosclerosis and intracranial pressure. It is most effective against chronic migraine and headache, support for the eyes and vision and for the brain, for example after long hours of computer work, and whenever you experience brain fog, dizziness or feeling faint, to restore balance to the cognitive systems.

The treatment takes only 8 minutes – one minute per point at the 50Hz setting. Treatment points occur on both sides of the temple, two points on the frontal area, both sides of the suboccipital (on the back of the head) and the both sides of the carotid sinuses. As with all our treatment plans, please refer to the illustrations in the coMra user guide to see the exact location of each treatment point.

Although coMra therapy does not have any known negative side effects, it is important to note that, when treating the brain area, we do not use the ultrasound component, therefore the ultrasound component on our Delta series laser can be switched off when necessary.

For best results, we recommended that you combine treatments with other positive changes in your lifestyle, your diet and in your way of thinking. coMra will awaken the natural ability of your body to heal and to recover, and it has proven beneficial to support this process with your actions.

Universal Treatment 2 – Heart

This treatment supports the crucial functions of the heart. Regularly treatments will increase the coronary blood flow over time, which is very important as the heart has its own blood supply. The vessels of the heart will become stronger and more vessels will grow in order for the heart to pump more blood. The muscles of the heart will be supported in their constant work, as coMra therapy will provide the heart with even more energy. As a result, there will be less stress on the heart whilst it performs its coronary functions.

This treatment will help with many cardiological conditions such as; weak heart, insufficient coronary blood flow, ischemic heart, arrhythmia, hypertension, cardiomyopathy, tachycardia, angina pectoris and many others. It is also highly effective for treating low immunity, high levels of bad cholesterol or periods of emotional stress.

There are very few contraindications with coMra therapy, however, when it comes to treating the heart, we stress three very important points;

Firstly, we do NOT recommend the use of our devices for patients who have had heart transplants, who have hearts with artificial valves or who have cardiostimulators. To date there is no clinical data which proves coMra therapy to be detrimental to such patients, but not enough research has of yet been done to verify the safety of these patients.

Secondly, when treating the heart area (In the user guide: 4th intercostal, left of sternum) NEVER use a frequency other than 5 Hz.

Thirdly, regardless of how many treatments you apply in a 24-hour period, make sure that you treat the heart area only ONCE per day, to avoid over-stimulation.

You can apply this treatment plan daily until you feel improvement and then continue it for at least another 7 days. Alternatively, you can use this treatment as a preventative measure during periods of emotional and physical stress, or daily for increased energy.