A case of H1N1 influenza


After New Year of 2014, in my country, Greece, there was an outburst of the H1N1 Influenza, also known as the "swine flu". The flu has affected a large number of the general population and it has, sadly, resulted to a serious number of fatalities: 74 people were reported dead at the time this article was written.(TO BHMA, 2014)

The symptoms of this particular type of the H1N1 virus manifest in the following linear sequence:

Stage 1: first it appears as a heavy infection in the area of the larynx and the tonsils. At the same time the patient experiences severe exhaustion/loss of energy. This sense of exhaustion is present through all the later stages as well.

Stage 2: then it "moves" both:

  • "upwards" resulting in a severe attack of sinusitis,
  • "downwards" resulting in severe attack of bronchitis.

At the same time a high fever appears, rising temperatures to 39 or 40C. The fever is persistent and it does not respond to aspirin or any other anti-fever drugs.

In some cases where the organisms are "weaker", at this point the lungs gather fluids and pneumonia is also common.

Stage 3: the symptoms "spread" more "downwards", attacking the intestines and resulting in severe diarrhea. By that time, the body is already weak, therefore the loss of fluids due to the diarrhea may make the patient's condition critical and/or require hospitalisation, if the patient was not already hospitalised during stage 2. (Wikipedia: [Greek], [English])

At the beginning of February I received a phone call from a friend whose family I had been visiting a few days before. My friend, in a voice that was a mixture of panic and guilt, told me that the whole family had "gone down" with the H1N1 influenza. They had performed the required lab tests, so there was no doubt as of the diagnosis, and therefore they felt the need to warn me.

Another day or two went by, during which I was asymptomatic. This gave me the impression that I was not going to go down with the flu after all. I did not know at the time that there was an incubation period for the H1N1. Once the incubation period was over, I woke up one morning and felt as if I had swallowed a handful of nails; my larynx and tonsil area were in severe pain. At the same time I experienced utter exhaustion - I felt I had no energy. I realised that I had now caught H1N1 influenza and I was experiencing the symptoms of stage 1.

Since I suffer from a chronic illness, which is another story, I have used coMra Therapy and the Delta laser for the past 3 years with excellent results. In this time I learned to trust in the healing abilities of coMra Therapy. As soon as I realised that I had been affected by the H1N1 influenza, I performed the following treatments with the Delta laser:

  • Universal 3 from the User Guide (U.G.), except on a DAILY basis, instead of every second day that is recommended in the U.G., for a period of 12 days. I know from prior experience that it is perfectly safe to listen to the needs of my body and to improvise while performing the Treatments recommended in the U.G.
  • On the outside of my throat, I estimated the 2 points closest to my tonsils. Using the Medical Terminal, I treated each point for 2 minutes at 5 Hz, twice daily for the first 3 days. From the very first treatment I experienced huge relief in the larynx/tonsil pain. By the end of the 3rd day the pain was completely gone.
  • Otorhinolaryncology 7 from the U.G., TWICE daily, instead of once that is recommended in the U.G., for a period of 7 days.
  • Pulmonology 1 from the U.G., once daily as per recommended, for a period of 8 days.

All treatments were performed with the Delta 905nm Medical and 905nm Probe Terminals. At NO stage, during, before or after the treatments did I use any sort or any kind of medicinal/pharmaceutical substances.

The results that I achieved were the following:

  • After a period of 8 days from the appearance of the first symptoms, I was completely symptom-free.
  • I did go through stage 1, experiencing larynx and tonsil infection/pain for the first 3 days and energy loss during the same time.
  • By the 4th and 5th days, the larynx and tonsil pain had disappeared and I experienced a heavy attack of sinusitis. By the 7th day the sinusitis had cleared. From the 5th day the energy loss was barely noticeable.
  • I did not have any fever at any point in time. I did not go through the full symptoms of stage 2, the influenza did not "move" downwards to my lungs. I did not have a bronchitis attack and my lungs were fine during the whole influenza process. It goes without saying that it did not "move" to my intestines either.

During this time, I stayed in contact with the family in the house of which I contracted the H1N1. In their battle against the influenza, they had to use heavy antibiotic treatments, together with a significant number of anti-fever and anti-flu pharmaceutical substances. But even after these treatments, they still went through all the above-mentioned stages and they experienced severe H1N1 symptoms for a period of at least 2-3 weeks. While in my case, I experienced symptoms no worse than those of a common winter cold and even those mild symptoms lasted only for 8 days.