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Why wait until you're sick? Stay above the wellness line with coMra

18 May 2019 •
Garrett Murrin

You don't have to wait until your sick to treat yourself. 

In fact you don't have to get sick at all!

Simply pick up your Delta or your Palm and as the saying goes "Just Do It"!

The so called change of seasons "flu season" is here in the northern hemisphere....


14 May 2019 •
Panagiota Kontoléon
Self-care: start caring for yourself if you want to eventually love yourself. :)

Ice-cold Plunges - Punishment or Cure?

12 May 2019 •
Charles Mitchley
More and more people are discovering that the shock of cold water on the body is more than just invigorating - in fact it leads to an astonishing number of health benefits.