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Hmy Way: coMra Therapy

2 May 2021 •
Milen Ivanov
When and how to do pauses in coMra treatment for Hashimoto.

Hmy Way: Physical Yoga

13 Mar 2021 •
Milen Ivanov
I will describe what I've been doing to help my body be in good shape.

Hmy Way: Food

9 Mar 2021 •
Milen Ivanov


Any chronic disease brings the need for a disciplined feeding, or diet. This is an occupational hazard of having a chronic disease and part of the responsibility one has to take for having brought their body to such state.

Hmy Way: Herbs

23 Feb 2021 •
Milen Ivanov

Unlike pills I've always had very warm feeling towards herbs and I do enjoy preparing and taking them. And I have had tremendous benefits from doing so.

Hmy Way: Pills

17 Feb 2021 •
Milen Ivanov

First, I want to stress out that what I am doing is experimental, so what follows is just an account of what I have been trying: no conclusions much less recommendations!