"Your faith will heal you" or Let us trust the innate intelligence of our body

Dalibor Kuběna • 11 July 2019
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Once upon a time, an egg with a sperm has met and a new life has emerged.

Nine months will take the prenatal period, the growth and development of a human being in the mother's body. This is followed by approximately 15-18 years of growth and change before development stops.

Publications have reported that the adult human body consists of approximately 100 trillion of cells. Which is an unimaginable number for me that looks like this: 100,000,000,000,000

These 100 trillion cells create both organs and all the very sophisticated body systems that provide the necessary functions of the organism.

  1. Circulatory system distributes blood, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and hormones throughout the body.
  2. Digestive system processes food and eliminates waste
  3. Endocrine system secretes hormones for various body functions
  4. Immune system defense against bacteria, viruses and dangerous pathogens
  5. Lymphatic system defense of organism against infections
  6. Nervous system controls, for example, conscious and subconscious (eg breath) movement. It connects the brain and spinal cord to each part of the body
  7. Muscular system ensures movement, blood circulation and other functions
  8. Reproductive system allows reproduction
  9. Bones provide movement and blood production
  10. Respiratory system provides oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide excretion
  11. ...


Our body is simply a very complicated system where something happens at any moment. It can also be said that everything is linked to everything, and therefore any local change occurs sooner or later, throughout the whole body.

In the last decades, science has taken a tremendous step in the knowledge and description of what is happening in the organism.

For example, it is already known that the organism and its parts, at different speeds, are constantly renewed. Old cells are dying, are excreted by the body, and new cells are born and are replacing the old ones.

Processes such as "ordinary" healing of the skin cut are done automatically by a healthy person’s body, so that the body gets back to 100% functionality.

I take these and many other abilities of the organism and their respective body systems as evidence that the body gravitates naturally to its optimal state, to equilibrium, to regeneration, to full assurance of all necessary functions, to health.

So, where from came the ability to ensure the perfect cooperation of all those future trillions of cells in that "sperm-egg initial meeting"?

Who or what does control it or have it under supervision?

Brain, genes…?

I'm not going to answer that for sure today. And I think that contemporary science does not have a clear answer and we are still in the stage of proving many theories.

But I logically see intelligence - the intelligence of the organism.

Intelligence that knows best what is needed, when and in what order.

And so, in conclusion I would like to return to the title of this article and adjust it a little.

"Your trust will heal you - trust in the innate and thus the natural ability of the organism to regenerate"

Trust that the body always does everything to regenerate it to return to health.

It is logically necessary to provide the body with the maximum possible care and support.

For example, coMra therapy will provide the affected, weakened cells with the necessary energy by non-invasive stimulation of the chemical process - synthesis of the ATP molecule, promoting metabolism or metabolism in the cells and, finally, "arousing" the body's systems for increased activity.

And if we want the healing to be lasting, I wouldn't forget the necessary search and subsequent naming of and working with the causes of the disease, but that's for another article. :)