Support with coMra for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Babies and More...

Charles Mitchley • 11 June 2019

Support with coMra for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Babies and More...


CoMra-Therapy is an invaluable support for mothers, pre- and post-pregnancy and also their babies. A very common complaint is back ache, and several times I have heard a client say, “I could not have got out of my bed if it weren’t for my coMra to help with the pain.”


Here are some of the ways in which coMra-therapy can help:


  • Soothe back ache during pregnancy and labour, and after birth
  • Relieve pelvic pain from ligament strain
  • Heal perineal tears faster
  • Promote healing post-surgery, e.g. there’s faster healing, minimising of infection risk and scarring after C-section
  • Soothe and heal cracked & painful nipples, treat mastitis and hypogalactia


CoMra-Therapy has many other applications for health challenges women experience in their reproductive years too, such as relief from the symptoms of cystitis, non-drug treatment of menstrual pain, faster healing of vaginal infections and trauma (with the probe terminal), balancing hormones during menopause and relief from migraines and headaches.


Systemic treatments with coMra-Therapy

Comprehensive treatments support the whole body to feel more vibrant and alive, and these are described in the coMra-Therapy User Guide. Through regeneration of cells the body’s functionality is improved, stress is reduced, which results in increased energy levels and enhanced immune system function. 


coMra-Therapy in Centres for Children

CoMra-Therapy has also been proven to be effective in treating children with special needs, in conditions ranging from cerebral palsy to perinatal central nervous system damage. The Nikopol Children’s Rehabilitation Centre in Ukraine treats children from 2 months old to about 10 years old, and in relation to the very young patients, the Director of the Centre stated, “Moreover, coMra-Therapy has also shown good results in infants up to one year old, an area in which the choice of therapies and treatment methods is much more limited in terms of rehabilitation.”


Continued support for the family with coMra-Therapy

There are a multitude of uses for coMra-Therapy to help improve health and well-being of anyone, no matter their age. CoMra-Therapy helps to manage stress and poor sleeping patterns, heal haemorrhoids, improve the function of compromised organs, and give safe treatments for babies in conditions ranging from colic to enuresis and encopresis.