How to spend a holiday without worrying about unexpected "health surprises"?

Dalibor Kuběna • 28 June 2019

Are you going on holiday? Are you going abroad?

Did you pay for insurance against sudden illness or injury?

We all look forward to the holiday, the time without obligation and the daily stress. We look forward to spending a few days to weeks in a totally strange environment, with the only concern, to enjoy the full range of new experiences, all in peace.

That is why we will include in our holiday preparation the necessary health insurance every year in case of sudden illness, injury and necessity of professional health care.

We insure ourselves and our entire family.

We will pack our luggage with the means and medications we normally use for various kinds of pain, digestive problems, and if we already have an allergy or chronic illness, we will not forget our medicines. Not that we are going to make our health a worse on holiday, but our motive is the calmness and feeling that we have everything needed by hand and nothing can surprise us.

And this is especially true if we take our children with us.

Migraine or digestive problems can ruin our day or two, but the sudden illness of our children can spoil our entire vacation. And the fact that we are going to leave ourselves from the hustle and bustle and stress on holiday can "float" the unexpected.

Don't let go of your vacation with unexpected health problems and pack your coMra Palm into your bag.

coMra Palm gives you the confidence that you have the tools and help you can use whenever and wherever. You can use it to treat cutaneous and other skin injuries, bruises, including burns, biting by exotic insects, reducing inflammation and, above all, relieving various kinds of pain whether it be head, joints, muscles, tendons, teeth, organs and nerves.

You can safely combine coMra-Therapy with standard therapies to achieve relief, accelerated regeneration and healing by using holistic, stimulating techniques to enhance the vitality and defense of the body.

Help and feel safe anytime, anywhere.