How coMra Therapy expresses Five Principles of Life

Milen Ivanov • 11 June 2019

The Five Principles of Life, as verbalised by Théun Mares, are:

  1. Life is a regenerative process;
  2. Life is one interconnected whole;
  3. Life is a gentle, natural evolutionary process;
  4. Life is self-sufficient and self-sustaining unto itself;
  5. Intent is the one and only pervasive force sustaining all of life.

It stands to reason that they correspond to the four quarters plus the fifth being the fifth element: the intent. Probably, they follow the sequence of power of Life Coming Into Manifestation, which also is the regenerative sequence in coMra Therapy. That is, East, West, South and North for 1,2,3 and 4, respectively. (See Volume II and Volume IV of Toltec Teachings by Théun Mares.)

I am not stating this only to sound smart, but also to illustrate the depths of knowledge implemented in coMra Therapy.

As life-supportive technology coMra Therapy does indeed reflect and express these principles. It is in fact built upon them. However, I personally lack the knowledge needed to elaborate on this in any depth or detail. It is for me sure feeling, yet knowing there is much more to it than I can currently put into words.

Anyway this is my perspective.

The first principle is that Life is a regenerative process, which seems self-evident, but there are implications within implications in this simplicity. One aspect of it I like to imagine, is a wave. There is the old tired below and the new sparkling crest. Then the crest tumbles down and there is the new inspiration.

The first way in which coMra Therapy upholds this principle is that it does not interfere with the natural functions of the body. To all intents and purposes it is the body that regenerates itself.

Of course, coMra Therapy supports the regenerative process, but it does not manipulate it.

On the active side coMra Therapy sets the tone/encourages the body into regeneration.

The second principle is that Life is one interconnected whole. Obviously, in the above metaphor the above and the below are from one water and from one ocean. It is just as obvious that the body is one interconnected system. If this interconnected system also acts coherently, then the body is healthy.

coMra Therapy has pronounced focus on systemic treatments. It is not only the most affected spot that is treated, but the parts with which it is connected.

Universal treatments are the top expression of this principle.

The wholeness is reflected also in the co-operation of the radiances in the device.

The third principle is that Life is a gentle, natural evolutionary process. One aspect of Life may be likened to a gentle spring in the mountain in the spring: quenching the thirst.

coMra Therapy provides gentle supply of energy, but no hard force. It never tries to over-power the body or to put it under pressure.

The forth principle is that Life is a self-sufficient and self-sustaining unto itself. This principle flies in the face of modern "understanding", where everything is a struggle for resources, but it is nonetheless true!

In coMra Therapy the body does the work. The body is supported, but in no way directed, let forced.

Also, coMra Therapy promotes self-sufficiency through pauses in the treatments by means of which the body is gradually encouraged to take the reins in taking care of itself.

In short, coMra Therapy never does create dependency on itself, but quite on the contrary.

The fifth principle is that Intent is the one and only pervasive force sustaining all of life.

Intent is reflected in the laser which leads the total of the radiances in a vortex like the sun leading the planets.

But it is even more important that the premise of coMra healing is that the individual has to believe he or she can heal him or herself. The stronger this belief (and it usually gets stronger with the progress of the healing, for this too is evolutionary process) the better will be the healing.

(Written Jan, 2018.)

*Image by Claudia Beer from Pixabay