Panagiota Kontoléon • 19 April 2020

Today we celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter; it feels as a different Easter, but I’d say just as beautiful and fulfilling.  It all depends on how one sees the glass: half full or half empty?  The streets are empty, yes, but the houses are full.  There are no "halves" in this equation because in essence everyone is where they have CHOSEN to be.  And what could be more beautiful than being next to your partner, your spouse, your children, your roommate, or a loved one?  Even when one lives alone at home, s/he has chosen their self as a companion - the best company since only if one gets along well with their self, they can get along with everyone else. 

I see people being upset because they are locked down in their houses.  OK, I understand, however how about shifting the focus and seeing this as an opportunity for introspection to get to know one self and the people each one of us has chosen to have by our side for so many (or few) years?  An opportunity to re-spect what is important where we may have taken people for granted coming in and out of the house as an automatic being knowing that they will always be there.

Personally, I had never appreciated the morning sun so much in my daily walk on the beach, and I had never paid so much attention to the blossoming lilac of the neighborhood, the sea when it is angry and when it is calm, or where the wind blows from and how I feel it on my face.  I never noticed the people passing by me, and now I look them in the eye and we exchange “good mornings”.  Not to mention the feeling of a hug…

Yes, nothing and no one will be the same when the measures are lifted.  So, what?  I see it as an opportunity to be a BETTER version of myself, hopefully without hypocrisy and striving for humility, kindness and gratitude.  

Happy Orthodox Easter my dear friends!! 🙏🌞