Dealing with Hashimoto, Part 4

Milen Ivanov • 1 June 2019

This is the series of follow-up emails to this blog published with minor edits.

One of the subscribers to these follow-up emails has sent me a link to a series on brain health problems. There was a huge section on Hashimoto by one of worlds most known experts Izabella Wentz.

I had in my plans to write some about this topic and here it is.

As you know, the two main secondary group of symptoms to hypothyroidism are heart problems and psychiatric problems. When heart is damaged it takes time to heal, but it is far from impossible, as I have already pointed and I can uphold myself as an example. On the other hand, psychiatric symptoms may be spectacular (it is not for nothing that a person is politely referred to as "having gone funny"), but - if caused by hypothyroidism - they disappear quite quickly when that hypothyroidism is addressed properly.

Yet I needed some help with my symptoms which were mostly of psychotic nature until the time the hormonal balance was restored which took several months.

My main support was the coMra Treatment Universal 5.

It is excellent tool for grounding the awareness and reducing depression. Obviously, it is largely contained in Autoimmune 3, so doing the latter will address psychiatric problems as well. However, it is much shorter than Autoimmune 3 and there might be times when it is worth doing it separately. For example, at the beginning I was too weak to do full Autoimmune 3.

Another excellent tool I can recommend is the tea for insomnia, psychosis and depression from the book Health & Holism in 21-st Century. I have used it on several occasions and it is really superb! There is one drawback to it which probably does not concern you, and it is that in cases of heart deficiency it should be avoided, because it induces very strong sleep. However, if you do not have heart deficiency, as you probably don't, the good sleep that you will get with the help of this tea is extremely refreshing and clears the brain fog like a wind!

*Image by Jordy Meow from Pixabay