Dealing with Hashimoto, Part 2

Milen Ivanov • 23 May 2019

This is the series of follow-up emails to this blog published with minor edits.


The coMra Therapy treatment for Hashimoto is given in the User Guide.

As I am certified from coMra Course, I am expected to somewhat understand this treatment and in fact I do, but not fully. However, the important thing is that it works.

As typical for many coMra Therapy treatments this one, called Autoimmune 3, addresses several illnesses involving thyroid gland. This is so because ultimately it is the body itself which regulates itself. coMra Therapy merely provides support for this process in terms of energy and stimulus.

First part of the treatment done in the morning is irradiating the blood through irradiating key spots on the major arteries. This treatment is one of the basic systemic coMra treatments. It can be used any time one is not sure what exactly is wrong, because blood will carry the increased energy to wherever it might be needed the most. It also kind of aligns and puts the whole body into shape. Therefore, it is recommended for athletes. I personally find it very beneficial to my morning exercise. I add to it 2 minutes for thyroid gland (point 5).

The evening treatment which is the main one consists of several parts. I will try to explain some about them.

First, there is the head section. It is important, because it regulates the other glands that closely interact with the thyroid. It also reduces stress and anxiety, for this part of the treatment is common with the one for e.g. depression.

The most important part of the treatment is the thyroid gland. I personally do 5 minutes each point. If one does not have time, one should do at least these points!

Then there are couple of points I do not understand very well, but the feeling while doing them is very good.

The heart point 8 is very important in almost all coMra treatments. It is as if the center that activates the fighting forces of the body.

Treating solar plexus (point 9) regulates the nervous tension which, as we know, is usually high in cases of Hashimoto.

Spleen is very important in autoimmune diseases and treating it does wonders.

It is well known that in case of thyroid hypofunction adrenals suffer. So, it is clear why points 12 are important.

The final part of the treatment is the spine. It is the most difficult to perform, but it restores the blocked flows and it is indispensable. It also helps the good sleep.

I will now address few questions I anticipate. Should you have more questions, please write in the comments.

Obviously, the treatment seems overwhelming and it really requires effort and dedication. There are several ways around this. The first one suggested to me by several colleagues is to cut the treatment into several pieces (one piece might be the back, for example) and do only a piece per day. I never used this suggestion, because I am conservative person, but it is very sane. You can be creative in designing your own version, I would only repeat that thyroid gland should be done as often as possible.

The way I use when I get overwhelmed is to indulge myself with some show (be it some DVD or football game) while doing the treatment. At some point I used to listen to audios of Manly Hall, but this did not work very well, as I had to think hard.

The course recommended: first up to improvement, then 2 weeks rest / 2 weeks treatments and so on is probably the optimal. I personally do one day treatment, one day no. Before I did treatments on business-days and breaks on weekends and this also worked quite well for me. So, there is room for flexibility here (as everywhere in coMra Therapy).

People always want to know how the thing should feel. That is, how they know they do it right. However, how you will feel depends on your sensitivity, so this can not be foretold. The general rule of the thumb is that if there is marked resource deficiency in the body, the impact of coMra Therapy is felt immediately. If on the other hand the body is relatively OK, then apparently there is no impact. But the beneficial effect can be assessed at long run, for example by comparing blood parameters.


*Image by Jordy Meow from Pixabay