coMra therapy: The Universal Treatments (part 3/3)

Nevena Vladimirova • 30 October 2019
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Universal Treatment 3 – Blood

This treatment was created to increase general well-being and to support the body in healing inflammation, anaemia, overall weakness or chronic fatigue.

The main tool of the body’s communication system is the blood, thus we consider this to be the core Universal Treatment, since it is the blood which is the source of communication and nutrition for each and every cell in the body, and is fundamental for general well-being. When we apply this treatment, we are irradiating, in a non-invasive way, the entire volume of the circulating blood in order to increase its oxygen–carrying capacity, to improve blood rheology, to enhance microcirculation and to bio-modulate immunity. It is very beneficial to be applied during the healing of inflammation processes, the presence of viruses, toxins, etc.

The application of this treatment, alone or in combination with others, will lead to normalisation and stimulation of any regenerative process, as well as regulation of the carbohydrate, fat, protein and intracellular bio-energetic metabolism. The red blood cells are energised to become more flexible and to move freely in the body. Blood vessels become stronger, clotting and waste sediments are removed from the bloodstream, and the whole body has more energy to deal with the healing of the organs which need it. You can start to experience this effect for yourself by treating an area of the body where you feel acute pain or injury and combine it with this treatment, which will provide a systemic energy support for your body and the healing process.

Universal Treatment 4 – Somatic bio-stimulation Routine 1

This treatment is primarily used for physical conditioning, restoration of energy or combating chronic fatigue. If you are an athlete or following a training program, this treatment plan will prove highly beneficial, as this treatment restores energy and initiates active recovery during periods of fatigue and physical intensity. Your body will use the energy it has to repair muscles and, consequently, the body will become fatigued. Thus, a nutritious diet and this treatment plan spread over 6 days, daily will effectively increase the regeneration process in the body.

You can choose to apply this treatment, or use the Universal Treatment 6 in order to support the regeneration of the tissues and to increase vitality. We encourage you to experiment with the treatment plans in the coMra user guide, keeping a journal with daily improvements to observe how the different plans are working for you. If you are applying more than one treatment plan per day, or you feel that you need to repeat it more than one time, it helps to wait a couple of hours between sessions.

Universal Treatment 5 – Somatic bio-stimulation Routine 2

This treatment was created for treating emotional exhaustion, depression, insomnia, lethargy and breathing difficulties. It is very effective for treating a weak heart, adrenal malfunction or Cushing’s syndrome, and extremely helpful for high levels of cortisol or stress.

This treatment plan will support your body to deal with the high levels of cortisol and adrenaline associated with emotional stress, and will positively affect hormonal imbalances and all the symptoms of anxiety and emotional instability. The treatment time is 23 minutes done daily until you feel improvement, then add a further 7 days.

Universal Treatment 6 – Vitality

This treatment plan is used during recovery from surgery or long-term health care and medication, and provides maintenance and support for the ageing body. Often used in winter as a preventative measure against the common cold. It can work alongside your fitness training program, to help treat physical exhaustion.

This is a two-part treatment plan consisting of the Universal Treatment 4, plus the Universal Treatment 3. Treating the bloodstream will increase the health of your blood and the blood vessels to support your body while it is fighting with any kind of inflammatory process. It is very versatile treatment and is recommended if you have anemia, overall weakness or chronic fatigue. You can also use it as a preventative measure if you are experiencing more stress than usual.

This treatment plan is spread over 12 days, daily and the second part of it, every other day.

Then rest for 2 weeks and repeat again if needed.

Universal Treatment 7 – Nervous system

This is a two-part treatment plan consisting of Universal Treatment 5, plus Universal Treatment 3. It was developed to treat mental or emotional stress, and for nervous or neurological disorders of any kind. It is also helpful for treating emotional exhaustion, a weak heart or breathing difficulties.

Emotional stress can affect almost every organ and system in your body and will require more energy to heal and recover. High cortisol and adrenaline levels in cases of emotional stress are triggered by the emotional response to different life situations, thus you will need to address the way you react to the challenges in life and revise it. You can manage stress more effectively with deep relaxation, meditation, taking care of yourself, fun activities and some quality time spent with friends and family.

This treatment plan takes about 25 minutes if you do both parts. The recommended course is to apply the first part daily and the second part every other day until you notice improvement. Then continue for 7 more days and rest for 2 weeks.

Universal Treatment 8 – Complete organ treatment

This treatment plan was developed as a comprehensive cleanse and regeneration program to support the detox process in your body. It consists of two parts done consequently, and puts the focus on the major organs of elimination. Please follow the instructions that you will find in the coMra user guide, but also feel free to combine this sequence with other treatments if you feel the need.

This treatment is a two-part plan, and it takes a bit less than 20 minutes. The recommended course is 12 days which could be extended up to 24 days depending on the desired result.

Allow 4 weeks rest before doing additional courses and repeat as often as necessary.

coMra therapy does not deplete the body during cleansing treatments. The aim is to regenerate and support the body in achieving a natural detoxification. As with all cleansing programs, it is important during this treatment to take your diet into consideration and to drink plenty of pure water to help with the elimination of toxins. Moderate and regular exercising would be quite beneficial for better circulation too.

Be gentle with yourself during the cleansing process and observe yourself carefully for the signals that your body will send you. Certain effects such as increased tiredness, skin rashes, nausea or headache may be noticed whilst the body is making use of the available energy provided during the treatment in order to expel toxins.

It is recommended during the cleansing period to avoid stress, to spend more time in nature, to minimize the usage of alcohol, cigarettes, refined sugar and trans fats. You need to eat more fruits and vegetables, enough proteins and good fats for the body to have all the needed “bricks” to use for filling up the gaps and restoring the inner balance. Once the system is cleansed it will go naturally back to its harmonious state because the body knows how to work in perfect balance and timing. All the hormones, fluids and organs will start working as an orchestra creating the melody of health.

Final notes

The Universal Treatment programs are designed as standalone treatments, but are also used in combination with other treatments to form specific treatment programs – for example in treating complex conditions like multiple sclerosis. It is also worth noting that the Universal Treatments have proven very effective as a professional training and recovery program for athletes and sports persons.

When you apply coMra treatments at home, please read the instructions in the user guide in order to understand the main principles of coMra therapy. coMra therapy is very gentle and non-invasive, without side-effects, however cells have limitations in absorbing energy, so in acute cases several short treatments per day are recommended instead of one long treatment.

Please note that not all the conditions that can be treated with coMra therapy are to be found in the user guide, since the possibilities with coMra therapy are unlimited.

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