coMra Therapy for flu in children

Milen Ivanov • 16 June 2019

Zhivko is 32 years old university teacher in England.

Q: For how long have you been using the Delta laser?
A: For two-three months.
Q: I've heard you tried to heal your sons from, so to speak, daily illnesses, like flu etc. Could you please share some details?
A: My older son, who is 7, was coughing for several days. He seemed down on energy and when we measured, he turned out to have his temperature too high. There I decided to apply the treatment for sour throat in combination with the bodily stimulation for children (see Pediatrics 1 in the User Guide). I augmented the treatment with Swedish Bitter: morning and evening before food. There was no radical improvement in the first couple of days, even though victor started to slowly come up. The third day coughing noticeably diminished and he was fresher, more active and started to play.

Unfortunately, we had made an appointment with an MD and we had to go there. MD prescribed antibiotic.

Generally speaking, the effect of an antibiotic is felt at second or third day after the start of its intake, but by that time Victor was almost fully recovered. SO, even though it is not objective to speculate, I think that in this case the antibiotic was redundant.

At the same time Boris, my younger son, 3 y.o., also began to cough and to show Victor's symptoms.

Q: Just one moment. The both coMra treatments we are talking about take like 30,40 minutes a day all together, right?!
A: I have not measured and, moreover, with children they might take a bit longer. What I noticed however, is that with children there is a kind of adaptation period. At the beginning they resisted me, but after the third treatment they both were looking forward to the next treatment. Now when I treat myself they even ask when would I "apply some treatment to them".

According to my observations they like the attention I pay to them and also the co-operation between us during the treatment. It is an occasion for them to be important and for us to be together even physically.

Q: Mine is year and a half and the laser is a favourite toy. The only treatment that works is at his chapped ass, because I can lock him. Whatever, as far as I saw these two treatments do not target the lungs/coughing directly?
A: No, but with Pediatrics 1 important arteries are irradiated and this - in my opinion - is the strength of this treatment. On the other hand sour throat treatment irradiates the throat from different angles. Both my sons experienced improvement of throat condition still at third day and the coughing diminished.

Actually the treatments took effect much faster with my younger son. With Boris all the symptoms were gone by day 3 and he refused to even leak Swedish Bitter.

We started treating Boris immediately when we saw the first symptoms, which we had overlooked in Victor. Maybe this also was a factor for the much faster recovery of Boris. But perhaps I am going on tangent?
Q: Not at all. Small children are unprejudiced and open and, moreover, they need far smaller stimulation. So, it is but normal to be healed faster by Delta laser. Well, on the other hand, some small children are rather restless I can tell you!
A: Before I comment on the last point, I'd like to add that Pediatrics 1 has also a step where tonsils are irradiated.
Now, about what you said last. With children it is very important to "win" them in some way. With us it appeared like a chain reaction. At first Victor did not want any treatments, but it was also because he was very down and he had no desire for anything. Once we include Boris, however, it all started to appear as a game. Victor wanted to treat Boris and I let him do some points. Once we were three the wheel started to roll, so to speak.

Boris is not of the type to be calm for more than a minute, but in the beginning I treated him while he was watching movies. In this way I also uncovered his aptitude for watching movies.

Q: Thank you for sharing these tricks! Final question: if you were to look back, would you change something in the treatments? I mean, is there something that you've learned; otherwise I wish your kids best of health!
A: The only thing I'd change it is to be more patient with them, to remember that they are children. I have the habit of forging ahead once I have something on my mind. I've learned that it is better to treat them together. Last time it was not like this: I started with Victor and then Boris.

Thanks for your wishes!

(Written 2011 in Bulgarian for a health site.)

*Image by Alexandr Litovchenko from Pixabay