coMra background

Maxim Mironenko • 13 June 2019

This article is based on e-mail educational series that touches briefly on coMra history and predecessors, then background and key differences from other therapeutic modalities.


How coMra has emerged?

coMra therapy is a consequence of the research and efforts by hundreds of people around the world who have explored how to use various physical modalities for healing and prevention.

It was discovered as early as 1960s that lasers have certain therapeutic effects. It was also found that laser power should be very moderate, since upon reaching a threshold it has an opposite effect.

Such lasers were dubbed as “cold lasers” because of their low power. Various techniques were explored to improve their effectiveness, including making lasers super pulsed (delivering big power in short pulse), spreading the matrix of laser emitters over bigger area and others.

The most effective was found a combination of laser and magnetic field. This combination allowed to achieve a stronger therapeutic effect with lower level of laser power. This made magnetic laser therapy very safe and suitable for home users, especially as laser hardware advanced and lasers became much smaller and available.

First attempts to produce devices suitable for home users could be dated as early as end of 1980s. Since then millions of various devices were sold around the world. However further attempts to improve their effectiveness, safety and simplicity of use never ceased.

coMra therapy is based on the principle known as Coherent Multi-Radiances. We knew that there are essentially four radiant energies that have to be united into working together as one coherent whole: infrared laser, four basic colours Red-Green-Blue-Yellow, magnetism, ultrasound.

In 2009, Radiant Life Technologies made breakthrough: we took physiotherapy to a totally new level through discovery of the much sought-after technique to combine all four of the radiances into one coherently-operating whole.

In 2016, Radiant Life Technologies made coMra therapy truly available for every family by making a portable version – coMra Palm, which based on 3 radiant energies (no ultrasound) to provide unmatched effectiveness in a simple and very affordable solution.

Origins of coMra therapy research article:


How coMra is different from allopatic medications?

Body has thousands of processes that every second repair and renovate tissues; eliminate toxins and waste; nurture, feed and support life of cells; track and kill pathogens; keep temperature and pressure constant. Body is very capable of self-healing.

At all times two forces are working in the body – one that sustains and heals and the other that breaks apart and brings decay. If force of decay works faster then the force of healing either locally or more generally in the body, it manifests over time as a disease.

What we see as a disease is a small edge between those two opposing forces. The real power of them we can see in the birth and death events. Before the birth the whole body is created in 9 months from just a few cells. At death in 4 to 10 minutes an autolysis starts, where body enzymes start to break up tissues and body would significantly decay just after 1 week.

The medical science is using various tools to either slow down decay process or speed up natural healing process. The examples of the slowing decay would be to use antibiotics or do some types of surgery. The example of supporting the healing would be to use vitamins, diet or use of physiotherapy.

Standard allopathic medication approach is to manipulate one of chemical pathways in attempt to control the whole process that leads to a disease. However the problem with this approach is a really limited knowledge medical science has about various pathways that work in the body and how they are interconnected. What is known today is a huge body of knowledge, however it is only a tip of an iceberg. New connections and dependencies are discovered each and every year.

The inherent thinking in this approach is that “body makes mistakes and we humans need to correct them”. However experience shows, that we as humans have often overestimated our knowledge.

coMra has an approach that “body is always right”. Body has some external factors that have impact and also factors coming from mental and emotional sphere. For example a simple thought or emotion would create a chemical reaction in the body through endocrine system and other pathways.

Such thought or emotion repeated every day multiple times may lead to a stable process that is detrimental to the health of the body. Same concerns external factors, toxicity of environment, types of food consumed and etc. Small factors over the time create stable detrimental reactions.

The task of coMra therapy is to support body in its ways of opposing the above factors and activate natural healing.

Our task on the other hand is to manage those factors, so as to reduce their impact on health.

How coMra works in the body?

Body could be likened to a chemical supercomputer. Through various chemical pathways it calculates every second and makes thousands of decisions that leads to thousands upon thousands changes: cell birth, death, migration, connection into tissues and many other things.

All of this is balanced by nature and evolution over millions of years. Everything being fully interconnected and interrelated. To interfere with such a work is an utter risk. Because in order to predict all the possible reactions we would need to build an equivalent supercomputer that could simulate all of the reactions and interconnections. Or in other words to fully imitate life?!

coMra does not go this way. All energies are aligned, so that therapy works in the same direction as a natural process, not trying to control or change it. Infrared laser and magnetic field work together to create a primary effect of coMra therapy. In coMra they are properly aligned for doing so.

Normal visible light is absorbed quickly by the skin and layer under it. Infrared light goes much deeper and is absorbed by internal organs, blood, lymph, etc.

Laser has such type of energy that is very resonant or coherent – every pulse of it goes “foot to foot” so to speak. This creates a strong effect at much lower power then normal light, because every living cell will resonate with that one frequency stronger and stronger with every pulse.

And since this resonance is happening in a magnetic field, with every pulse each element within the cell will become more and more aligned.

Interaction between the cells is affected as well. Their “clocks” will be synchronised in a way, so that overall co-operation will become much more effective for some time. That is why whatever natural process is happening where coMra is applied – it will become more effective and fast.

This process charges miniature battery in every cell – mitochondria. However much more is happening, since every process inside the cell is activated, including general processes of breathing, nutrition, elimination, but also very specific functions like for example immune cells have.

The colour LEDs are on the contrary incoherent and give a gentle range of frequencies and arranged in certain patterns. This way most of their light is absorbed by the skin and subcutaneous layer.

This layer of skin is richly saturated with nerve endings. So most of the colour signal affects peripheral nervous system. Colours are very much connected to the state of the nervous system. Such state has a direct psycho-physical impact on the body and its functions.

Each colour has a slightly different impact on the nervous system – one may be activating, another is soothing, etc. The way that colours are arranged in coMra gives body and a nervous system a most balanced stimulation.

Application of coMra therapy at certain area of the body in terms of colours creates a zone of focus for the healing processes of the body. It is a small alarm bell for the nervous system. Natural nervous signalling cascades would then take over and create a response adequate to the disease.

How coMra is different from other devices?

More does not mean better. Coherence or balance is above anything else. That is why coMra is safer and more effective as well.

When Radiant Life Technologies was developing coMra it was very clear, that key to effective therapy is not only to combine 4 energies together, but also to make them work together.

As a result coMra therapy became a one coherent whole, which means every component aligned to the other. Only in this way energies may work together, pulling all in one direction.

We decided to not approach coMra in a “more is better” way, that is why we:

- have not used a super-pulsed laser, that brings more energy per unit of time, for this will be less safe for most of the people
- have not used a wider array of lasers to cover more area, for this will scatter the influence and will overwhelm the body`s intelligence
- not used a very near infrared laser, instead using a longer wavelength of 980 nm that is much more gentle and safe

We chose a “minimal effective dose” approach – a smallest dose that gives a desired effect. Because of the coherence, the dose needed is much lower then most other devices have.

We made our first coMra therapy device Delta Laser a safest, yet one of the most effective devices on the market.

Safest means that every person may apply coMra in most of the circumstances. And apply simple precautions given in the User Guide to have zero side effects.

Because of the above, most of the normal precautions valid for other therapies involving low power laser, are not valid for coMra. This means one can treat safely a much wider range of diseases.

Together with a very detailed User Guide, one of the most comprehensive on the market, made coMra device to be most suitable for the Home User. While most of laser therapy devices are still created for the realm of professionals.

But we went much further with that. We have designed a coMra Palm device. It is even safer, easier to use, and still very effective and at an affordable price.

While coMra Palm device lacks ultrasound component and has somewhat softer energy levels - it became a most effective, safe and easy to use device on the market.