Choosing a Diet

Milen Ivanov • 23 July 2019

I've just finished a test drive of Bright Line Eating program.

Here is my feedback to the program:

I have joined the program for health reasons: Hashimoto.

My problem with eating is that when I am nervous I overeat and then - due to hypothyroidism  - it is difficult to get back on track. I am searching for ways to mitigate this over-indulgence cycle.

On the other hand I have no problem with alcohol: I am most disciplined drinker, so dropping booze has no point for me.

Also, diets like Autoimmune Protocol although working for my medical condition are too Taliban for me, so I am searching for something more flexible.

I took the program mostly to share fun with friends who were also doing it. We had a group on WhatsApp and encouraged each other. My contribution was mostly jokes about Dr T. The mutual support made overtaking the program much easier and much much more fun.

What I am taking with me is:

  • Only 3 meals a day nothing in between. My reasons are medical: to lift the pressure off the guts, which is but common sense, but it was very difficult for me to do. Now I have some base.
  • No flour. Again because of Hashimoto.
  • No sugar for 3 months, since recently I had problems with chocolate cravings, I've never had before. I will check after 3 months how I am.
  • Limitation on carbohydrates as per Yudkin's diet.
  • Limitation on the quantity with exception once a week.

*Image by RitaE from Pixabay