Change is here... Again.

Nevena Vladimirova • 10 July 2019


Change is exciting, something new is about to happen. 

Change is also frightening, nothing will be the same again. 

Change is fresh, it makes you feel alive. 

Change is a surprise, cannot make plans. 

Change is growth, something will unfold. 

Change is overwhelming, what of my old world will stay?


Change… Life cannot move on without it. Sometimes we want it so much, sometimes we resist it wanting to keep everything the same forever. I can recall clearly what is the feeling in both situations. 


When there is a challenge, a big one, then change feels for me like a pause, like a chance to win some time and go through it again, to prepare. But then the challenge is still there, even big changes in my life will not spare me the steps I need to do in order to learn and grow. When I feel stuck and I feel like I cannot move, I pray for a change,  even a small one to give me some freshness. But no, I need to stay with what is there in front of me and to deal with it. Even if I change all of the mirrors around me, my lesson will appear again… in another form maybe, but it will reach me. 


And then the other situation when everything is so nice and calm and a part of me wants to live in heaven forever. When I don’t want anything to destroy my peace and the harmony of the moment. When everything is in balance, I feel how life is flowing smoothly and the connection is there… And then Bam! Change is here, the break is over, you need to keep going…Sometimes, I feel I want to rest a bit before the change is here again but that is an illusion. Change will come anyway. 


And then, there is another way. I embraced this approach when I was dancing. I loved the contemporary techniques - they were so liberating and healing for all my fears linked to change, both when I long for it or when I want to escape from it. While taking improvisation classes, I had the chance to observe so many things inside me.  I can hear the words of the instructor : “Just imagine your next step, then do it. Take your time. How do you feel to lift up your arm now? Do it slowly or do it quickly. Then you can move on to the next step…” I realize now how much I love improvisation as it embraces the change, it flows with it without the fear of following a choreography, of doing the “right” moves, of trying not to mess it up ...


And for me life is an improvisation anyway. You don’t know what is going to happen next, just better flow with it than resisting. What will be your next step? How does it feel? So, now pause a bit... what will be your next step? How does it feel? 


Change is here. Again. I welcome it. I love it.  


(I enjoyed  this video very much of how the reptilian brain answers to the new ideas)